CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2008, vol.2

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Bandurina K..Especially Utilization Experimental Program of Physical Rehabilitation of Children with Cerebral Pulsy in the Conditions of Special School 2008.-N2.3
2. Baryshok T.Role of Family in the Rehabilitation of Child with a Cerebral Palsy 2008.-N2.4
3. Barlit O.O.Ethical-Aesthetic Approach in the Nature Perception: Historical-Pedagogical Aspect 2008.-N2.6
4. Bobrovnik V.I.The Management of Elite Track-and-Field Jumpers Technical Skill 2008.-N2.9
5. Boyko G.Research of Anxiety of Swimmers of High Qualification in Paralympic Sport 2008.-N2.12
6. Boychenko N.V.Ways of Improving Technical Preparation of Combat Sportsmen 2008.-N2.19
7. Bukov Y.A., Alpeeva A.V.Respirator Training in Correction of Cellular Metabolism and Functional Backlogs of the External Breathing System of Preschool Age Children 2008.-N2.22
8. Vinogradov V.The Modern Conception of Usage The Extra - Training Means for Realization of Working Capacity, Potential Activity in Training and Competition Activity of Qualify Athletes 2008.-N2.25
9. Vykhliaiev J.M., Khimich I.J.The Simulator "Kagan" is the Means to Increase Power Endurance of Students 2008.-N2.33
10. Gnatyuk T.Endurance and Methods of Estimation of its Development at Student Young People 2008.-N2.37
11. Guba A.V.Educational Management Functions: Classification and Content 2008.-N2.39
12. Guska M.B.Features of Adaptation Changes of the Functional State of the Sumo and Judo Fighter's ordially Vascular System in Depending of the Trainings Loadings 2008.-N2.44
13. Denisenko N.F., Lupinovich S.M.Aftertreatment of Children with Singularities of Psychophysical Development as a Basis of their Vital Activity 2008.-N2.47
14. Denisova N.V.Trends of Development of a Complex "College - University" in a System of Continuous Pedagogical Education 2008.-N2.50
15. Dyachenko T.V.Actuality of Scientific Research of the Problems of Professional Training of Physical Rehabilitologists 2008.-N2.53
16. Efremov S.V.Experience of Organization of Scientific Research Work of the Students in Kiev-Mogilyanska Academy 2008.-N2.56
17. Zhitomirs'kiy D.V.To a Problem of Stimulation of Activity of Members of School Self-Management 2008.-N2.58
18. Zaharovskaja T.L.Factorial Structure the Impellent Abilities of Young Throwers a Spear at a Stage in Initial Preparation 2008.-N2.61
19. Zviryaka Oleksandr.Physical Rehabilitation Programme for ill People after Ankle-Bone Break 2008.-N2.65
20. Kovpak S.V.Guiding Values in Choosing Efficient Management in Education 2008.-N2.69
21. Kolesnikow W.W.Methodical Fundamentalses of Increase of Efficacy of Process of Learning of Cadets to Receptions of Hand-to-Hand Fight 2008.-N2.75
22. Krauze T.M.Rhythms are in Psychology: Circadian Rhythms of the Functional Consisting (Test of FAM) are of Ontogenesis of Man 2008.-N2.77
23. Kulyk I.Vital Capacity of Lights as the Index of Functioning of the Respiratory System of Organism of a Man 2008.-N2.82
24. Kurok A.I.Features of Professional Orientation of Future Educators of Physical Education of Under-Fives 2008.-N2.85
25. Lisyak V.M.The Complex Pedagogical Approach to Forming at Students of an Able-Bodied Mode of Life and Positive Motivation to Regular Occupations by Physical Training 2008.-N2.88
26. Lytvynenko Y.V.Substantive Provisions of the Program of Correction of Technics of Run on a Straight Line of the Qualified Shorts-Tracker's in the Preparatory Period of a Year Cycle of Preparation 2008.-N2.92
27. Mazin V.M.The Concept of Formation Crop Professional Self-Realization of the Future Teachers of Physical Training in a Higher Educational Institution 2008.-N2.96
28. Mikitchik O.S.Informing Indexes of Process of Preparation of Jumpers in Water of 1st Teaching of Stage 2008.-N2.100
29. Pilipey L.P.Intellectual Serviceability During Educational Day - the Necessary Precondition of Professional - Applied Physical Preparation of Students of High Schools 2008.-N2.104
30. Plisko V.I.Learning to Situational Actions According to Measure of Reality, Morals and Legitimacy 2008.-N2.107
31. Prikhoda I.V.The Role of Immunological Reactivity in the Pathogenesis Under Internal Diseases 2008.-N2.112
32. Rigas T., Gumenniy V.Influence of Employment by Physical Training on Intellectual Serviceability and Mentally Emotional Stability of Students 2008.-N2.117
33. Rizhanova A.O.The Theory and Practice of Social Education of A. Diesterweg 2008.-N2.120
34. Roztorgui M.S., Perederiy A.V., Briskin Y. A.Principles of Classification in Paralympic Sport 2008.-N2.124
35. Rudov B.A.Preparation of Teachers to Innovational Activity in a Higher Educational Institution 2008.-N2.126
36. Stepanko A.V.The Value of the Studying Disciplines in Forming of The Abilities of Future Teachers f the Primary School 2008.-N2.129
37. Tkaczuk W., Jagieo W.,Jasiski T. Psychophysiological Features of Female Fencers 2008.-N2.131
38. Tomenko A.A.The Moving Activity Level of Schoolchildren in the Conditions of General Secondary School 2008.-N2.141
39. Khoroshukha M.F.The Modification of the Method of the Power-Ergometry in Defining the Physical Capability on the Conditions of Mass Researches 2008.-N2.146
40. Chernienko O..Research of Acclimatization of Students on Loads of High-Speed Force Character 2008.-N2.149
41. Sharafi R., Bogdanov V., Gorlov D., Gorgo Yu., Korobeynikov G.The Features of Senso-Motor Reaction of Man at Influencing of Fluctuation of Atmospheric Pressure 2008.-N2.152
42. Sharov S.V.Concept of Independent Work and its Attribute 2008.-N2.157
43. Prusik K., Michaowska M., Prusik K.A Life Style of Women and Men Aged 50-75 2008.-N2.159
44. Skowron J., Zdzieszynski A., Boloban W.Performance of Realization of Landings as Nodal Device of Sports Technique of a Terminating Phase of Dismounts From a Gymnastic Apparatus and Vaults of Students AWF in Warsaw on Practical Occupations and Competitions 2008.-N2.166

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