CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2010, vol.4

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Andriychuk O.Y., Grygus I.M.Analysis of the state of morbidity and prevalence of illnesses of the skeletal-muscular system in Ukraine and Volhynia area. 2010.-N4.3
2. Vasilchenko L.V.Didactic possibilities of computer communications - the foundation of didactic model of training teachers in remote form. 2010.-N4.8
3. Voloshin E.R.Pedagogical principles and their role in the formation of valeological education in the West-lands 1918 - 1939 pp. 2010.-N4.12
4. Gavrishko S.G.Dynamics of development motive capabilities, psychophysiological and functional possibilities of boys 4-6 years 2010.-N4.16
5. Gonchar O.V.The background of the development of pedagogical interaction of students and teachers in the scientific and pedagogical theory 2010.-N4.20
6. Drizul A.V.The use of didactic games in the course of teaching Health Education 2010.-N4.25
7. Iermakova T.S.The stages of development a healthy way of life of senior pupils in native pedagogy (2nd part of XX century) 2010.-N4.29
8. Zolochevskiy V.V., Roschenko O.O.Forming spiritual culture of future teachers of physical education 2010.-N4.37
9. Zubal' M.V.Growth of physical qualities of boys of senior school age of different somatotpes rates (factor analysis) 2010.-N4.41
10. Ivanchenko L.P.Theoretical and technological basis of structuring the pedagogical model of forming the motivation to the systematic physical training for the pupils of secondary school 2010.-N4.46
11. ndyka S.Y., Yahehsky A.V.Knowledge of patients after myocardial infarction on the role of physical activity in secondary prevention and factors that determine its 2010.-N4.52
12. Ionova E.N.Becoming and development of man: anthroposophistic approach 2010.-N4.56
13. Klopov R.V.The experience of using computer software for enhancing studying-training process in tertiary physical education 2010.-N4.64
14. orobeynikov G.V., Petrov G.S., Ulizko V..Mental capability of higher school students 2010.-N4.68
15. Lyshevskaya V.M.Differential assessment of the development of speed abilities in boy students 2010.-N4.73
16. Luk'yanova Y.S.Questions scientifically-methodical providing of forming readiness of future engineers-teachers to the use health of saving technologies in professional activity 2010.-N4.80
17. Maksimenko I.G.Efficiency analysis of different approaches to the third stage of long-term training in team games 2010.-N4.84
18. Maliar E.I., Lebid M.R.Pedagogical terms of realization of program development professionally of important qualities of students of economic specialities by tools of football 2010.-N4.87
19. Matviyenko I.S.Determination optimum technologists and models of selection of children on the initial stage of long-term improvement (on an example rowed on kayaks and canoe) 2010.-N4.90
20. Mischuk D.N., Boyko A.L., Anikeenko L.V., Efremenko V.N.Experience in using new technologies in the organizational and methodical maintenance of discipline "Physical Education" in National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI" 2010.-N4.94
21. Nagorna O. B.Sociological research of families, having children time-lagged motive development 2010.-N4.100
22. Nechyporenko L.A.Shaping the larval achievements teenager in process of the physical education 2010.-N4.104
23. Petruk I.D.Improve of recovery during the training process of shot-bullet. 2010.-N4.108
24. Podolyaka ..Problems of computerization in the brunch of preschool education 2010.-N4.112
25. Poproshaev O.V., Chymakov O.V., Zinchenko S.G., Kuryachiy S.V.Analysis of the somatic health of first year students-jurists from 2007 fill 2009 academic years 2010.-N4.115
26. Saienko V.G., Teplyi V.M.Physical qualities of the young taekwondokas 2010.-N4.119
27. Samoday V.Psychological features of youths at a selection to beach volley-ball 2010.-N4.122
28. Svistelnyk I.R.Web-site in the universities of physical specialization as instrument of the informational providing of specialists of industry of physical culture and sport 2010.-N4.125
29. Sergienko T.M.Socially-pedagogical aspects of deadaptation of personality in a military environment 2010.-N4.128
30. Sikura A.J.Influence on the state of health and safety of implementation of actions of ideomotion and auto-training on employments on physical education 2010.-N4.133
31. Synytsya A.V.Ways of improvement techniques of the speed development in football players 2010.-N4.137
32. Stepanko A.V., Ognystyy A.V., Biriukov O.V.Ways of improvements preparation of class primary teachers to physical education of junior school-children. 2010.-N4.140
33. Trifan A.N.International experience of volley-ballers of Zakarpat'ya 2010.-N4.143
34. Frolova N.A.The using of the track-and-field exercises in the process of formation of sport style of life of children of junior education. 2010.-N4.147
35. Chodinow W.N., Nowak S.B.Prospect of the use of additional possibility for renewal of capacity during the physical training 2010.-N4.150
36. Shadrina A.V.Psychological fundamentals of a problem of creative potential 2010.-N4.157
37. Szwarc A., Chamera M.The observational protocol for estimation of goalkeeper accuracy precision in football 2010.-N4.161
38. Shkrebtiy Y.M., Futorny S..A correction of the functional state of organism of sportsman is in modern sports medicine. 2010.-N4.167
39. Anna Romanowska-Tolloczko, Irena Bartusiak, Agata Nowak.The comparison of self-esteem and psychological sex among female students of different universities 2010.-N4.171

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