CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2010, vol.12

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1. Aghyppo A.Y.Module-rating technology of teaching, as a basic condition of successful preparation of teacher in the individualized departmental teaching. 2010.-N123
2. Ahmetov R.F., Romanchuk V.N., Prontenko K.V., Boyarchuk A.M.The power preparation of sportsmen and its communication with the efficiency of the training process 2010.-N127
3. Bibik R.V., Goncharova N.N., Habinets T.A.Characteristic of physical development rates of women in the first mature age 2010.-N1211
4. Boreyko N.U.The organization of health-saving educational process in university with modern conditions 2010.-N1215
5. Borodin U.A.Athletic-sporting microenvironment and efficiency of physical preparation of dets of institutes of higher of engineer-operator type 2010.-N1219
6. Vindyk A.V.The professional training of future specialists for Industry of hospitality in the United States of America 2010.-N1222
7. Vorozhbit V.V.Moral and spiritual education of the youth in the heritage of N. Pirigov 2010.-N1227
8. Galizdra A.A.Health and mass physical culture: methodological aspects 2010.-N1232
9. Gonchar E.V.The role of motivation in the development of the idea of pedagogical mutual relations of participants of educational process in higher education 2010.-N1235
10. Gribok N.N.Contents and features of forming students' culture of health of special medical group in the process of theoretical preparation on physical education 2010.-N1239
11. Dajani J.Methods of integrated assessment of the physical development of schoolchildren 7-10 years old of the Republic of Cyprus 2010.-N1242
12. Dragnev Y.V.Professional development of future teacher of physical culture in the light of reformation of higher athletic education in Ukraine 2010.-N1245
13. Zavydivska N.N., Opolonets I.V.Socialization in health and fitness education: interpretation of notions, problems, perspectives 2010.-N1248
14. Kalenychenko O.V., Kudiy L.I., Bezrukavy R.B.The changes of heart rhythm variability among the students-sportsmen with different training process direction with long mental loading 2010.-N1252
15. valenko Y.A.Study of dynamics of level of physical preparedness of students 2010.-N1256
16. Kolos N.A., Malinskiy I.Y., Yaremenko V.V.Features of morphological and functional developments of students 2010.-N1259
17. Kostyunin A.V.Determination of indexes of physical and technical preparedness of players of a digit in football hall during annual macrocycle 2010.-N1262
18. Kravchuk T.N., Sanzharova N.N., Golenkova J.V., Litovko T.V.Education of the impellent-plastic expressiveness at a stage of specialized base preparation in art gymnastics 2010.-N1265
19. Kravchuk T.N., Shahov .V., Gubina I.J., Guslyaeva E.J., Ryadinskaya I.A.Health-improving possibilities of usage of aerobics in the senior classes of comprehensive school 2010.-N1268
20. Lukjanchenko M.I.Formation of the theory and practice of physical education in the Soviet Ukraine through the prism of reforming pedagogy (1920 - 1930) 2010.-N1272
21. Ljadskaja O.Yu.Use of the computer program "Fitball training" for the improvement of organization of the health - improving studies with the women of the first mature age with the use of fitball 2010.-N1276
22. Medvedeva I.M.Modern technology of the specialists in the figure skating on ice 2010.-N1280
23. Ogar' G.O., Sancharov V.A. Lasitsa V. I.Special physical preparation of skilled wrestlers during a macrocycle in the conditions of higher educational establishment 2010.-N1286
24. Ol'hoviy O.M., Korchagin M.V., Krasota V.M.The influence of military-professional activity on physical preparedness, development, bodily and functional conditions of servicemen-operators 2010.-N1289
25. Ostianov V.N., Hryb A.I., Kopachko O.V.The competitive activity of boxers of heavy and light class 2010.-N1294
26. Popichev M.I.The pedagogical analysis of educational process on physical training in legal higher education Institution 2010.-N1299
27. Prikhodko S.I.The development of figure force for the students of technical specialities 2010.-N12103
28. Prusik Krzysztof, Iermakov S.S., Kozina Zh.L.The system of physical training for women during pregnancy to a natural birth of healthy children 2010.-N12106
29. Romanchuk S.V., Boyarchuk A.M., Romanchuk V.N.Existent state and prospective directions of physical training improvement in Land Forces 2010.-N12125
30. Semenova O.E., Afonin V.M.Complex control of physical readiness of youth in higher educational institutions 2010.-N12129
31. Sychov S.O.Students' inclusion to the value of physical culture during the process of athletic training 2010.-N12132
32. Sitovsky A.N.Physical development of adolescents depends on their rate of biological maturation 2010.-N12135
33. Sljusarchuk V.V.The state of generation and ingredients of interests of third-grade students towards the physical exercises 2010.-N12140
34. Smolyuk S.V.Problems of psycho-pedagogical adaptations of students to the terms of studies in higher education establishment 2010.-N12143
35. Sukhobok O.Y.Psychological and pedagogical aspects of informativ-communication technologies in training future teachers of physical culture. 2010.-N12146
36. Turchina N.I, Korobeynikov G.V., Popadyukha J.A.Researches of health and level of physical development for students 2010.-N12150
37. Usatova I..The formed of separate indexes is in the structure of psychophysical potential of professional development of students of institute of higher 2010.-N12153
38. Chernienko A.A., Grigus I.M.Changes in functional state of students under the influence of physical education and apiotherapy 2010.-N12156
39. Shalenko V.V., Pertzukhov A.A.The dynamics of moving abilities of football players of 12-15 years old 2010.-N12160
40. Yurchenko O. E.Hatha-yoga in physical rehabilitation at initial degrees of exogenous obesity 2010.-N12163
41. Yashna O.P.Description of children as subjects of adaptive physical culture training in social rehabilitation centres 2010.-N12168
42. Zdzieszynski A., Skowron J., Niznikowski T., Boloban W.The experimental reason of the author's programme of the development and improvement of images of the motive students AWF of first near the teaching of gymnastic practices 2010.-N12169

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.