CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu =Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2012, vol.9

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1. Bubka S.N. The role of Alexey Butovsky in the development of physical education, sport and Olympic Movement 2012.-N9.5
2. Antonov S.V.Indicators of special physical training archers on the stage of special basic training 2012.-N9.9
3. Barybina L.N.Research overview of physical education individualization in higher education institution 2012.-N9.14
4. Bezpaliy S. M.Efficiency of physical training of teaching staff at higher educational establishment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine 2012.-N9.19
5. Bukova L.M., Krovyakov V.F.Psychological features of personality and perspective of young footballers 2012.-N9.25
6. Voropay S. M., Buryanovatiy O.М.Influence of employments of mainly acrobatic orientation on the level of physical training of young fighters of military sporting all-round in the groups of initial training 2012.-N9.30
7. Griban G.P.Modernization of the modern methodical system of physical education of students of agrarian universities 2012.-N9.34
8. Dubrevskiy Y.M.Actuality of training of future specialists of physical education and sport to forming of administrative competence 2012.-N9.39
9. Kolumbet A.N.Development of professionally of important motive abilities and skills of future teachers 2012.-N9.44
10. Kompaniets Yu.A.Analysis of the state of the system of physical training of future law enforcement officers and perspective directions of its improvement 2012.-N9.48
11. Makovetskaya N.V.Stages and methodology of experimental work on professional development of specialists of preschool educational establishments in the field of educationally-health activity 2012.-N9.53
12. Mihuta I.J.Diagnostics of psychophysical readiness and fitness of student to military-professional activity 2012.-N9.57
13. Nikolaenko V.V., Balan В.A.Analysis of playing activity of footballers 19-21-years-old age in the leading commands of Europe 2012.-N9.64
14. Odarchenko V.I.Pedagogical terms of forming of healthy method of life of modern pupils 2012.-N9.69
15. Omelchuk E.V.Forming of professional competence of future teachers of physical culture in the process of study of "Developmental Physiology" the methods of the controlled from distance education 2012.-N9.73
16. Onishchuk S.V.Change of indexes the special physical training of athletes-sprinters with the use of the author program of application Omega-3 2012.-N9.77
17. Petriv O. S.The main differences of accomplishment conditions of shooting exercise RFP in the training process for the XXIX and XXX Olympic Games 2012.-N9.81
18. Skomorokha О. S., Smolyar I. I., Vysochina N. L.Individual-psychological characteristics of women with alimentary-constitutional form of obesity having a polycystic ovary syndrome and their personal response to the disease during the course of physical rehabilitation 2012.-N9.84
19. Stepanchenko N.I.Specifics of the professional-pedagogical motivation in pedagogical research instrument in pedagogical activity 2012.-N9.88
20. Hohla A.I.Intercommunications of indexes of general physical training of fencer on swords different qualifying groups 2012.-N9.92
21. Shakhlina L.G.Physical rehabilitation. Contemporary issues 2012.-N9.98
22. Shyyan O.I., Kravchenko N.S.Problems of training program variable component 2012.-N9.104
23. Cieslicka Miroslawa, Napierala Marek, Dix Barbara, Stankiewicz Blazej.Construction of somatic and motor skills of people training taekwondo WTF 2012.-N9.108
24. Zaycev V.P.Realization of creative activity of department of medical and biological type in educational space of higher educational establishment 2012.-N9.118

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