CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2013, vol.7

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1. Bazylyuk T.A.Self-evaluation of health and interests of students of higher education institutions on course physical education 2013.-N7.3
2. Belykh S.I.Property features and mental state university students of modern 2013.-N7.7
3. Gagara V.F., Mirnaya A.., Sakhnenko H.P.Application of the methods of physical rehabilitation in the treatment of women with hyperprolactinemia 2013.-N7.13
4. Kalogerova V.G., Gryshun Yu.A., Korchak O.M , Bulkina ..Physical rehabilitation in scoliotic spine injuries in children suffering from cerebral palsy 2013.-N7.20
5. Karp I.Y.Implementation of technical and tactical actions qualified athletes in football different roles in gaming areas of the field 2013.-N7.25
6. Kozina Zh.L. Sobko I.N., Klimenko A.I., Sak N.N.Comparative characteristics of psychophysiological features skilled basketball players-women with hearing and skilled basketball players healthy 2013.-N7.30
7. Muskharina Y.Y., Chernobay S.A.Volleyball and emotional health of students of pedagogical university 2013.-N7.36
8. Oleshko V.G., Gamaliy V.V., Antoniuk O.V., Ivanov A.V.Structure of engineering and clean and jerk in weightlifting high qualification of different sexes 2013.-N7.43
9. Pangelova N.E.The informative value of motor, mental, and moral qualities in the personality structure of preschool children aged 4 years 2013.-N7.48
10. Pranova E.V.The nature and structure of the socio-valuable component of valeological direction of future specialists in the field of physical education 2013.-N7.53
11. Savonova A.V.Determining the impact of computer-aided control of educational achievements for the health of students 2013.-N7.59
12. Singovets S.V.Biokinematic structure of techniques wrestlers during pre-basic training 2013.-N7.64
13. Sirenko P.A., Korolinska S.V., Sirenko Y.P.Features interference EMG leg extensor muscles of skilled players in the context of the special exercises 2013.-N7.69
14. Tamozhanskaya G.VSubstautiation of kineziological methods of rehabilitation of children suffering from scoliotic disease 2013.-N7.74
15. Khudolii O.M., Titarenco A.A.The effectiveness of development programming strength in primary school children 2013.-N7.69
16. Behrooz Ebrahimi.The effect of games and training programs offered at ball school (balschule), on ball-coordination among first and second grade students 2013.-N7.74

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