CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2013, vol.9

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1. Andriychuk Y.N., Chyzhyk V.V.The influence of the experimental procedure on the functional status of schoolchildren involved in the volleyball section 2013.-N9.3
2. Belykh S.I.Dynamics of physical and functional status of students in the experiment on approvals personality oriented physical education 2013.-N9.8
3. Golovakha M.L.Optimization of physical rehabilitation in congenital clubfoot 2013.-N9.16
4. Grigoniene J.J., Skyriene V., Margeliene N. Analysis of the physical activity of primary school teachers 2013.-N9.20
5. Zaporozhanov V.A., Boraczynski T.On the transfer of skills skill in different conditions of motor activity 2013.-N9.25
6. Kolumbet A.N.An exposure of professional meaningful coordinating capabilities of students-teachers 2013.-N9.29
7. Korobejnik V.A.The study features of test procedures of students' knowledge on the physical training lessons 2013.-N9.33
8. Kryvoruchko N.V., Masljak I.P., Zhuravlyova I.N.Impact on the display of power cheerleading ability of university students I-II levels of accreditation 2013.-N9.38
9. Martsiv V.P.Dynamics of psychophysiological state of the boxers influenced by the standard of specialized demands of specialized basic training 2013.-N9.43
10. Marchenko O. Iu.The gender aspect of the formation of values of physical training of students in higher education 2013.-N9.50
11. Omelуanenko V.I.The use of suggestion in sports practice 2013.-N9.55
12. Potop V.A., Grad R., Boloban V.N.Biomechanical indicators of key elements of sports equipment gymnastic exercises 2013.-N9.59
13. Prysiazhniuk S.I., Pryimakov O.O.Influence of physical education means upon functional state of respiratory system of students with chronic lung disease 2013.-N9.73
14. Pour Heidari Roudberi Anvar Morad, Manzhulovskyy V.M.Rationale of physical rehabilitation of patients with violation coronary circulation 2013.-N9.80
15. Svistel'nik I.R.Sports magazines in the system of scholarly communication 2013.-N9.85
16. Stadnik S.O., Prikhodko I.І.Improving the training of managers in the sphere of physical culture and sports in Ukraine 2013.-N9.91
17. Shramko Y.I., Zhmurova T.A.Modern approaches for the course of medical rehabilitation of physical culture in elderly patients with gonarthrosis 2013.-N9.96
18. Nooshin Benar, Nastaran Yeganeh Far, Saeid Fallah Mehrabadi, Mostafa Entezary Zarej.Decision making styles and professionalization of sports: experience of managers of the offices of youth and sports in Yazd province 2013.-N9.101

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