CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2013, vol.10

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1. Brynzak S.S., Burko S.V.Improving athletic performance of basketball student team with the classical yoga exercises 2013.-N10.3
2. Garkusha S.V.Current trends in the health of children and young people in learning environments 2013.-N10.7
3. Gorbenko E V., Gradusov V.O. Projecting of process of cultivating of olympic values and valuable orientation of students youth by the eastern combat sports means 2013.-N10.12
4. Grinyova T.I., Mulik E.V.The dynamics of indicators of physical qualities of boys aged 10-13 years under the influence of different types of tourism activities 2013.-N10.16
5. Gruzhevsky V.A.The definition of psychological aspects in the formation of student-centered motivation of students for classes in physical education 2013.-N10.22
6. Doroshenko E.Iu.Modelling of technical tactical actions as the management factor competitive process and preparation of basketball players of high qualification 2013.-N10.29
7. Ionova O.M.The formation of person's health: experience of Waldorf school. 2013.-N10.35
8. Kozina Zh.L., Ryepko O.A., Prusik Kr., Cieslicka Miroslawa.Psychophysiological possibility of mountaineers and climbers specializing in speed climbing and climbing difficulty 2013.-N10.41
9. Marchenko O.Y. Gender differences in relation of students to sports activity 2013.-N10.47
10. Pavelec O.J., Ostyanov V.N., Maydanyuk O.V.Model features as the basis of preparation of boxers individualization principal level (elite) 2013.-N10.52
11. Pavlenko T.V.Determining the level of motivation and attitude of students for classes in physical education in higher education institutions 2013.-N10.56
12. Radziyevska M.P., Knotowicz J., Radziyevsky P.A., Dyba T.G., Nesterova T.V., Dyba E.V.Analysis of the relationship of lifestyle and some of the parameters of respiratory diseases of children 7 - 9 years old in Poland and Ukraine 2013.-N10.60
13. Reshetniak O.A.Correlation between the cadmium, calcium and potassium in the body and indices of cardiovascular system of athletes 2013.-N10.68
14. Storozhik A.I.Technology of formation of vertical stability bodies of children aged 7 - 10 years of hearing loss 2013.-N10.74
15. Tron R.A., Ilyin V.N., Bitsyura R.V.Control of physical fitness of athletes specializing in combat sambo 2013.-N10.80
16. Ustinova T.B.Scientific knowledge genesis of physical education and sport origin in Ukraine (the investigation were based on the Soviet scientists' essays) 2013.-N10.84
17. Harina D.L.Determining the level of physical development of preschool children 2013.-N10.89
18. Iermakova T.S.The peculiarities of work of the European Network of Health Promoting Schools (comparative analysis) 2013.-N10.93

Founders: Kharkov Regional Branch of National Olympic Committee of Ukraine. Publishing House KSADA.
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