CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2008, vol.7

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Baginskaya O.V.The Influence of Pre-School Children Peculiarities on Efficiency Motive Action Learning 2008.-N7.3
2. Birukov A.A., Savin D.N.The Optimum Sizes of a Table for Performance of Classical Massage 2008.-N7.5
3. Bugerya T.N.Preparation of the Teacher to Realization of Intersubject Communications in Higher Educational Institutions (on an Instance of Learning to Professionally Oriented Disciplines of the Experts in Physical Rehabilitation) 2008.-N7.18
4. Bouhval A.Improving Physical Training as an Effective Means Against an Obesity 2008.-N7.22
5. Vykhliaiev J.M.Complex Modeling of Competitive Activity and Special Training of Swimmers 2008.-N7.24
6. Gvozdetskaya S.V.The Correction of Memory Index of Six-Age Children With a Delay of Mental Development with the Help of Physical Training 2008.-N7.31
7. Gorlov A.S.Justification of Dynamics of Work Capacity of Young Men - Sprinters of 14-15 Years in the Preparatory Terms of the Year Cycle of Aging 2008.-N7.34
8. Gren' L.N. Value of Persuasions and Efforts of Students in Forming Motivation Achievement of Success 2008.-N7.38
9. Grytsay S.M.Interrelation of Personality's Political and Civic Culture 2008.-N7.42
10. Gritskova Y.V.Pedagogical Culture of Parents: the Contents and Structural Components 2008.-N7.44
11. Desdjatnikow G.O., Desjatnikowa N.W.The Methodically-Organizational Aspects of Preparation of Students of Polytechnic Institutes of Higher are to Implementation of Controls Norms on Football 2008.-N7.46
12. Doroshenko V.V., Bogdanovskaya N.V., Malikov N.V.Experimental Estimation of Efficiency of Application of Step-Aerobics in the Complex Program of Optimization Physical Capacity and Functional State of Organism of Youths and Girls 15-16 Years with Vegetates Vascular Distony 2008.-N7.50
13. Driukov V.O.Performance Forecast for Ukrainian National Team During ղ Olympic Games in Beijing 2008.-N7.54
14. Ilyushina V.A.Definition Of Properties and Features of Nervous System Sportsmen in the Preparatory Term 2008.-N7.57
15. Klimtsov A.Technology Rehabilitation Locomotors and Domestic Activity of Children with a Cerebral Palsy after Surgical Treatment 2008.-N7.59
16. Kazatskaya T.Yu.Forming Ecological Intellection of Teenagers by Agents of a Play in Teaching and Educational Process of General Educational Institution 2008.-N7.62
17. Kolot A.V.Dynamics of Speed and Strength Preparation of High Qualification Triple Jumpers in an Annual Training Cycle 2008.-N7.66
18. Kord Mahnaz.Influence of Physical Aftertreatment on Dynamics of Parameters Vital Capacity of Lungs of the Trunk at Children of Iran, Younger School Age with the Scoliosis 2008.-N7.71
19. Kornchak L.M.Effect of an Exercise Stress on Parameters of Cardiovascular System of Students 2008.-N7.74
20. Korolns'ka S.V., Sirenko P.A.The Study of Motivational Valuable Attitude to Physical Training of Students 2008.-N7.77
21. Lihoded Ya.V., Klopov R.V., Lihoded V.S.Development of Motorial Qualities at Schoolboys of 7-14 Years from 30-Km of Zone of Atomic Power Station 2008.-N7.79
22. Man'ko V.A.Performance of Real Level Generated Cognitive Initiative of Senior Pupils During Learning Subjects of Humanitarian Cycle 2008.-N7.85
23. Ovcharenko S.V.Habits of Development of High-Speed Power Qualities of Football Players with Aftereffects a Children's Cerebral Paralysis in a Week Cycle of the Preparatory Term 2008.-N7.89
24. Osypov V.Features of Psychological State Patients Suffering on the Myofastsyal Pain Syndrome 2008.-N7.92
25. Prontenko K.V.The Improvement of Physical Preparedness of Cadets of the Military Institutes with Operator Profile on the Stage of the Primary Education by Facilities of the Weight Ball Lifting 2008.-N7.94
26. Ruslanov D.V., Krause T.M.Studies Have Spatial and Temporal Rights Organization: on the Nature of the Manifestations of Biological Resonance in Psychology 2008.-N7.97
27. Sedlyar Y.V.The Technique of the Four-Kick Crawl 2008.-N7.103
28. Sembrat A.L.Problem of Intellectual Education of the Person in the Philosophical and Psychologic Pedagogical Literature 2008.-N7.106
29. Taran L.N.Efficiency of Desingning of the Training Program of Regenerating Microcycle Completing Based Mezocycle of the General Preparation Stage for Young Skiracers 2008.-N7.110
30. Timoshenko O.V.Actual Questions of Optimization of Professional Preparation of Future Teachers of Physical Culture 2008.-N7.114
31. Tolkacheva E.V., Bogdanovskaya N.V., Malikov N.V.Estimation of Efficiency of Aromatherapies Application in the Complex Program of Optimization of Physical Capacity and Functional State of Organism Boys and Girls 9-10 Years Old 2008.-N7.119
32. Trifan A.The History of the Development of Volleyball in Zakarpattia. The Third Stage (1991-2008) 2008.-N7.123
33. Trotsenko V.V., schenko O.A., Amplogov O.V.Organizational and Methodical Bases of Adaptation the Organism Youths to the Systematic Physical Loadings of Definite Direction 2008.-N7.131
34. Turchyk I.Physical Education of Pupils 11 - 16 Years Old in Great Britain 2008.-N7.135
35. Faleva E.E.The Main Psychological Problems and Crisises in the Development of Student Personality 2008.-N7.138
36. Khandoga Y.V., Khandoga V.I.The Ways of Credit-Modular System Improvement in Students' Physical Education (Based Upon Mariupol State University of Humanities) 2008.-N7.141
37. Khomenko I., Glazrin I.Sport Terminology as a Base of Professional Speech of Physical Training Specialist 2008.-N7.143
38. Shaparenko H.A.Employment of Project Tehnologies in the Process of Professional Education of a Student 2008.-N7.146
39. Shachnenko V.I.Children's and Teenagers' Health Formation in the History of the Domestic Pedagogy 2008.-N7.150
40. Shmygov P.Main Aspects of Professional-Applied Physical Training of the Future Specialists of Computer Technologies 2008.-N7.157
41. Jagieo M., Jagieo W.Somatic Aspects of Sports Mastery in Female Competitors of the Polish National Fencing Team 2008.-N7.160
42. Yareschenko O.A.Justification of Effective Program of Special Physical Preparation of Cadets of Higher Educational Institutions of the Law-Enforcement Profile 2008.-N7.164
43. Borysiuk Z., Nawarecki D.New Approach to Talent Identification in Combat Sports the Case of Fencing 2008.-N7.168
44. Stech M.The Influence of Motor and Somatic Factors on Jumping Parameters in Female Volleyball Players 2008.-N7.171
45. Szwarc A.A Praxiological Model which Illustrates the Efficiency of Actions in the Soccer Game 2008.-N7.175

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