CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2009, vol.2

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Alshobool Muhannad.Physical Therapy in Rehabilitation of Patients with Rheumatic Cardiac Disorders 2009.-N2.3
2. Anikeev D.M.Problems of Formation of an Able-Bodied Mode of Life of Student's Youth 2009.-N2.6
3. Afanasyev V.V., Burlaka I.V., Tolmachova S.E., Scherbachenko V.K.Physical Culture on Work Place 2009.-N2.9
4. Bazhenkov E.V.Legal Information in the Process of Management Athletic Organizations 2009.-N2.11
5. Bogdanovskaya N.V., Malikov N.V., Svyatoduh A.N., Kuznectov A.A., Popov S.N.Features of the Functional Being of Vascular Endothelium and Physical Preparedness of Sportsmen and Sportswomen 18-20 Years on the Stage of Preparation to Competition Activity 2009.-N2.18
6. Boloban V.N.Elements of the Theory and Practice of Sports Orientation, Selection and Acquisition of Bunches in Sports Acrobatics 2009.-N2.21
7. Borodin Y.A.Physical Preparation of Cadets of Institutes of Higher of Engineer-Operator Type 2009.-N2.32
8. Buleychenko O.V., Yevtushok M.V.Method of Study of Separate Elements of Health of Rhythmic Gymnastics under Musical Accompaniment for the Students of Task Medical Force of Institute of Correction Pedagogics 2009.-N2.35
9. Vasylchuk A.H.Formation of Technology of the First Level of Learning to Elements of a Play in Football in Comprehensive School 2009.-N2.38
10. Vaskov J.V.The Concept (Project) of Reformation of Physical Education in the Educational Institution 2009.-N2.40
11. Vinogradov M., Mutev A.Level of Olympic Education of Students of Crimea 2009.-N2.47
12. Guba A.V.The Genesis of Theory of Management 2009.-N2.50
13. Dovbysh V. I., Sidorenko G. M., Nefjodova A. L.Flexibility - One of the Main Physical Quality of the Person. The Methods of its Development 2009.-N2.54
14. Ivanochko O.Y., Maglevanyi A.V.Performance of Parameters of Common Physical Readiness of Students of Special Medical Bunch at Stages of Physical Training in a Two-Year-Old Cycle of Learning 2009.-N2.58
15. Karpyuk R.P.Scientifically-Methodical Providing of Industry of Adaptive Physical Activity in Foreign Countries 2009.-N2.63
16. Kolos N.A.Correction of Breaking of Bearing of Students with Use of Modern Biomechanical and Information Technologies 2009.-N2.66
17. Kotelevs'kii V.I., Polevik L.V.Complex Application of Medical Massage, Manipulation and Psychologic Correction in an Aftertreatment of Patients on an Osteochondrosis of Lumbar Department of a Column 2009.-N2.72
18. Koshtur Y.E.Studying of Influence of Employment by Swimming on Development of Skills of Self-Service of Mentally Retarded Teenagers 2009.-N2.75
19. Krasyuk F.M., Lobach O.V., Afanasyev V.V., Shishac'ka V.I., Scherbachenko V.K.Development of Flexibility of Technical Lyceum Pupils 2009.-N2.79
20. Lomaka Z.M., Kulachek Y.V.The Meaning of Valueology Education in Forming Adequate Attitude to a Problem of AIDS 2009.-N2.83
21. Lysenko I.A.Historical-Organization Aspects of Development of Sport of Disabled People 2009.-N2.87
22. Lyapin V.P., Yakovleva E.V.Correction of the Psychologic Emotional State Classical also Thai Boxers at Different Stages of the Training Cycle 2009.-N2.91
23. Lyach-Porotko A.The Activity of the Sokolsc Gymnastic Movement in the Global Geopolitical, Social and Cultural Unification of the Slavic Nations at the Close of the XIX - in the Beginning of the XX Century 2009.-N2.94
24. Makoveckaya N.V.Realization of the Personal Oriented Approach in Educational Improving Activity of Preschool Educational Establishment 2009.-N2.100
25. Miroshnichenko V.M.Means of Raising the Level of Physical Health and Physical Training of Students 2009.-N2.104
26. Myhin V.N., Makarova A.V.Application Medical Horse Riding in a Complex of Regenerative Means at Persons with a Cerebral Paralysis 2009.-N2.107
27. Nizhnichenko D.O.Factors which Determine Achievement of Sporting Result in Powerlifting on the Stage of Previous Base Preparation 2009.-N2.109
28. Ogurtsova M.B.Typological Features of Peripheral Circulation of Blood for Sportsmen - Swimmers on Standard and Marathons Distances in Dependence on Structure of Training Process 2009.-N2.113
29. Omelyanenko A.I., Ponomarenko O.P.The Features of Recover of Locomotory Function of Lumbosacral Spine by Means of the Methods of Physical Rehabilitation 2009.-N2.117
30. Petrachkov A.V.Informational Value of Interconnection Between Indexes of Physical and Professional Preparedness for Servicemen 2009.-N2.120
31. Pomazan ..Description of Functional Capabilities of Children 4-6 Years for a Selection to Employments by a Gymnastics 2009.-N2.124
32. Prots R.O.The Problem of Military and Patriotic Upbringing of Youth by Means of Physical Education Using the Methods of Ethnic Pedagogy 2009.-N2.128
33. Prus E.V., Labskir V.M.Problems in Badminton Ranging and Consequences of its Using 2009.-N2.130
34. Romanenko V.A., Choryakov V.A., Mosenz V.A.The Particular Qualities of Training Process' Psychophysiological Procuring in 9-11 Years Old Judoists 2009.-N2.133
35. Serdyuk T.V.Development of Reflexive Abilities of Students of Higher Educational Institutions - Levels of Accreditation by Means of On-Line Learning 2009.-N2.136
36. Tereshenko M.M., Prikhoda I.V.The Role of Medical Physical Culture in System of Complex Rehabilitation of Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease 2009.-N2.140
37. Flatova Z. ., Smol'c T. V., Scherbak L. N., Glovac'ka . V.Encouragement to the Healthy Method of Lfe of Students of Task Medcal Forces s Through the ndependent Draftng and Systematc mplementaton of Complex of Mornng Gymnastcs 2009.-N2.143
38. Flerchuk V.V.Complex Pedagogical Tests for Orientation of the Sportsmen to Different Competitive Distances 2009.-N2.147
39. Tsibiz G., Chernish N., Kovalenko S., Dontsova G., Vereschagina E., Kuhta I.Psychological and Physical Changes at Students on Employment on Physical Training 2009.-N2.151
40. Shahnenko V.I.The Student's Preparing for the Creation of the Family and Children Upbringing in the Healthy Way of Life as Social Problem 2009.-N2.155
41. Shevchenko Y.M.Physical Development of Children of the Senior Preschool Age by Integration Tools of Locomotions and Music in Practice of Preschool Educational Institutions on a State-of-the-Art State 2009.-N2.158
42. Shyrchenko V.O., Marcyenko O.K.Problem of Preventive Measures and Correction of the Atherosclerosis at the Present Stage 2009.-N2.162

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