CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2009, vol.5

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Arefyeva L.P.The training of future teachers of physical culture for the formation of healthy lifestyle of senior pupils 2009.-N5.3
2. Balakireva E.A., Partas I.G., Mizhuk I..Physical rehabilitation of persons with the disease of the heart and vesselly system 2009.-N5.6
3. Baranayev Y.A. Mironov V.A.The count of chronobiological factors in sports activity of highly qualified athletes 2009.-N5.9
4. Belik V.A., Pavlov A.S., Lavrenchuk A.A. Godlevskiy P.V., Kusch I.V."Wisdom of force" of the adolescents. 2009.-N5.13
5. Bielicova N.O.Theoretical and methodical aspects of professional preparation of physical rehabilitation future specialists 2009.-N5.16
6. Bismak L.V.Application of means of physical rehabilitation at exudative a pleurisy 2009.-N5.19
7. Bogdanova A.S.Professional development of physical training teachers in the system of In-Service Teacher Training 2009.-N5.22
8. Borisyuk M.V., Bazylyuk T.A., Tunik E.Y.Actuality of increase of level of practical preparations of specialists in area of physical culture and sport 2009.-N5.25
9. Budzyn. V.R.The characteristic features of interrelations between results of functional body conditions of the female football-players in different specific biological cycle phases 2009.-N5.29
10. Burenko M. S.The influence of anthropometric qualities of men-sprinters on the result in 200 m sprint 2009.-N5.32
11. Velichko V.N, Chernishov V.A.Changing the group communication of students under the influence of ideological views 2009.-N5.36
12. Vindiuk A.Readiness of future specialists of hotel-resort business to professional activity 2009.-N5.39
13. Vladimirova O.V.Professional competence of future specialist of physical rehabilitation as the condition of his competitiveness 2009.-N5.43
14. Vorobets T.V., Agafonova T.S.Influence of emotional sphere of sportsmen on quality of mastering of educational material. Optimization of process of mastering of educational material by sportsmen 2009.-N5.46
15. Glukhova T.I., Zubchenko L.V., Kirilash A.R., Maliy A.T.Some problems of social work at high education establishment 2009.-N5.50
16. Gorbachova. A.V.The usage of new technology database in institution of higher education 2009.-N5.54
17. Gorbenko V.P., Soloshenko R.A.Genetic conditionality abilities to bearings in space and kinematics differentiation of motion children's average and senior school age 2009.-N5.57
18. Grigorenko V.G., Shtereb V. O.Organizationally-pedagogical terms of forming for teenagers with the lacks of functions of spinal cord of didactical-rehabilitation motivation in the structure of their physical and social rehabilitation 2009.-N5.60
19. Grigoriev S.V., Tsvigun O.A.For the question about the invalid's sport in independent Ukraine 2009.-N5.66
20. Gridina N. A., Nebesnaya V.V., Kashuba E. V.Influence of independent employments physical exercises on physical preparation students of higher educational establishments 2009.-N5.68
21. Deyneko A.H., Krasova I.V., Marchenkov M.K.Sporting activity of Ukrainians in the context of sociocultural transformation: sociological view 2009.-N5.71
22. Deminskiy A.T.Approach of Systems as methodological basis of professional preparation of trainer-teacher 2009.-N5.74
23. Dobrovolckaya N.A., Vlasov G.V., Kuvshnchikov I.N., Shinshina C.I.Some features of hour adaptation of sportsmen by transmendial migration 2009.-N5.77
24. Djubina T.V., Zav'yalov .I.Technique of estimation of level of readiness of young tennis players 2009.-N5.80
25. Zharska N.Peculiarities of indexes of physical working capacity in patients with ischemic heart disease (stable angina pectoris second functional group) in postclinical period 2009.-N5.83
26. Zakolodnaya E.E.Metaphorical works as a means of solving conflicts among athletes engaged in sports activities 2009.-N5.86
27. Zenin O.K., Sarosika K.S.Efficiency of modern technical equipment of vehicle for physical therapy establishments 2009.-N5.89
28. Zenchenkov I.P.Spiritual values of future specialists of bases of health of man 2009.-N5.93
29. Ivanenko N.V.Culture of health of managers, as component of their professional culture 2009.-N5.96
30. Ivanov A.V., Ivanchenko Y.M.The economical crisis impact on the development of physical culture and sport in Ukraine 2009.-N5.99
31. Ivanova L.I.Preparing of future teachers of physical training for the formation of motivation on healthy way of life of pupils, which has deviations in health condition 2009.-N5.102
32. Ivanova P.Determination some indexes of the special physical preparation of runners on middle distances 2009.-N5.105
33. Kalinin A.M.Organizational-methodical features of working out of an experimental complex course for teachers of economic disciplines in flight educational institution conditions 2009.-N5.108
34. Kalmykova Y.S.Dynamics of roentgen logic changes in lights of persons of mature age, patients on a infiltrative white plague, under influence of complex physical rehabilitation. 2009.-N5.113
35. Karpyuk R.P.The principles of the professional training of future specialists of the adaptive physical education at higher school 2009.-N5.118
36. Koval K.Y.Influencing of principles in ju-jutsu on the emotional state of sportsmen 2009.-N5.121
37. Kolesnik Y.A.The use of facilities of physical culture with the purpose of improvement of the psychoemotional state and increase of capacity 2009.-N5.124
38. Kolosovskaya V.V.Peculiarities of organization of sports and mass activities training for future primary school teachers in 1st and 2nd accreditation level institutions of higher education 2009.-N5.128
39. oltsova O.S.Some aspects of an educate work of teachers-organizers in the conditions of health camp. 2009.-N5.131
40. Konoval's'ka L.O.Forming of methodical competence of the future physical training teachers from a position of modern education paradigm 2009.-N5.134
41. Kopylov V.A., Docenko Yu.A., Gavaga V.V.To the question of students physical training 2009.-N5.138
42. Kostyunin A.V.Determination of efficiency of playing activity of 14 years players in mini-football 2009.-N5.141
43. Krivets I., Yasco G., Kuleshina M. The physical culture in the mode of life of students 2009.-N5.143
44. Kuprienko M., Miroshnichenko V.Problems of determination of effective forms of employments on physical education for the students of task medical forces of Donetsk state university of management on the example of health aerobic 2009.-N5.146
45. Latyshev N.V., Latyshev S.V., Gavrilin V.A.The analysis of competition activity and determination descriptions of success freestyle wrestling on European Championship of 2008 year 2009.-N5.150
46. Lyubchak S.V.Influence of games on water on development of coordinating ability of children with cerebral paralysis 2009.-N5.153
47. Ljadskaja O.U.Development of function of equilibrium for the women of the first mature age in the process of employments health of fitball training methods 2009.-N5.156
48. Maksimenko I. G.Information technologies in young team players' training 2009.-N5.159
49. Makushchenko I.V.Biomechanical and informational aspects in development of psychophysical functions the children in teaching and training process. 2009.-N5.162
50. Martynyuk O.A.Study of the state of carriage of students of economic institute of higher in the process of physical education 2009.-N5.165
51. Mirovich E.D., Mitjukov V.A., Churilov A.V., Galalu S.I., Simarova A.V., Knyazeva N.V., Pisarenko P.N., Jarosh A.N.Clinic anatomic substantiations of application of regenerative methods of physical rehabilitation and gynecologic massage at wrong positions and falling of the womb 2009.-N5.168
52. Mitjukov V. A, Tomashevsky N. I., Simarova A. V., Kirillov A. N., Pisarenko P. N., Jarosh A. N., Jureva S. Ju., Gerasimova M. A.Updating of a way of life: physical activity, the behavioural psychotherapy, a healthy food - main principles of the prevention of obesity and illnesses of the person 2009.-N5.174
53. Myatyga D.S.Restoration treatment by means of medical physical culture after amputations of lower extremities 2009.-N5.180
54. Nebesnaya V.V., Gvrilin V.A.About special medical section on physical education in high educational establishment 2009.-N5.183
55. Ovchinnikova M.N.Boarding school as an institute of forming healthy way of life for the children-orphans 2009.-N5.187
56. Omelchenko S.A., Pristinskiy V.N., Posternak I.M.The contents and methods of pedagogical management process shaping sound lifestyle schoolchildren in general institution 2009.-N5.191
57. Orokhovsky V.I., Burseva L.A.The problems of professional training of future physical rehabilitation specialists 2009.-N5.195
58. Ostapenko G.O.Monitoring of future teachers of physical training knowledge for the organization of health-saving educational environment of comprehensive school 2009.-N5.199
59. Okhrimenko A.V., Vereschagina E.P.Co-operation of spiritual physical and aesthetic education and their affecting forming student personality 2009.-N5.202
60. Pavlov A.S., Makarets V.V., Grishchenko N.N., Chumak A.G. About moving force of increase of functional capabilities of an organism 2009.-N5.205
61. Piontkovskiy D. V.Forming self-dependancy in students of physical education 2009.-N5.207
62. Podnebesnaya K.V.Efficiency of influencing of wrestling's "SPAS" on a physical health level teenagers 12-14 years 2009.-N5.211
63. Prikhodko I.I., Petrenko I.V.Features of sporting set of children in child-youth sporting schools on the modern stage 2009.-N5.214
64. Prokofiev V.N.Regeneration of Responsible Fatherhood is One of the Most Important Tasks of Contemporary Society 2009.-N5.217
65. Putytina G. N., Pugachova N.V.Possibilities of the use of monitoring in athletic-sporting activity 2009.-N5.220
66. Panov S.F., Radchenko L.V.Removal of physical and eye fatigue of technical translators in the process of work with computer 2009.-N5.223
67. Repnevskaya M.S.Optimization of process of physical rehabilitation of students of higher establishment 2009.-N5.226
68. Repnevskiy S.M., Popov V.I.Physical fitness of middle age schoolchildren 2009.-N5.229
69. Ryzhikov V.S.Target model's place in the pedagogical process of formation of an expert-lawyer 2009.-N5.232
70. Saenko V. G., Li J.Coordination abilities in wushu athlete of different qualification 2009.-N5.235
71. Samsutina N.M.Essence and expedience in the development of future teachers of physical training functional-professional competences during the process of professional preparation 2009.-N5.238
72. Seredenko L.P., Kaloyerova V.G., Dobrovolskaya N.O., Kovalenko V.V., Yakushonok N.V.Use of physical factors to correct the performance of athletes 2009.-N5.241
73. Sobchenko A. M.Overcoming of posttraumatic syndrome is in the period of readaptation of rescuers 2009.-N5.244
74. Sosina V., Ruda I.Flexibility as criterion of proficiency at modern rhythmic gymnastics 2009.-N5.248
75. Sushchenko L.P.Conception of the competently oriented training of future specialists for the industry "Sports for everybody" 2009.-N5.251
76. Tarasova N.S., Lavrenchuk S.S., Lavrenchuk A.A., Belikov R.A.Sports nutrition 2009.-N5.254
77. Tverdokhlib O.F., Kovbasa .V.The research of psychosomatic regulation trainings and methods of modern health care systems 2009.-N5.257
78. Tkachenko V.V.Actuality of questions of forming of healthy method of life of students of the Donetsk region 2009.-N5.259
79. Tretyak A. N.Model of activity and personality of trainer - teacher 2009.-N5.263
80. Tretyak E.V.Physical preparation of students of higher educational establishments in forming readiness to actions in extreme situations 2009.-N5.266
81. Fedorova O.V., Fominova E.N., Kosenko T.U.Psychological researches of empathy for the sportsmen of playing types of sport 2009.-N5.269
82. Khozrevanidze R., Kharshiladze N.Healthy way of life of young people 2009.-N5.272
83. Chuprun N.F.Morphofunctional readiness of junior schoolboys to forming basic components of co-ordinating capabilities in the process of teaching dancing exercises. 2009.-N5.275
84. Sheludesheva M., Kachan A.The Specific camp, as the form of the physical education in organizations Plast 2009.-N5.278
85. Jakibchuk M.I.Professiogram of the head of trade-union organization (aspect of administrative culture) 2009.-N5.281

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.