CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2009, vol.6

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Baka R.Individual dynamics of physical fitness of students in a three years' long study period in the college 2009.-N6.3
2. Bielicova N.O.Formation of health respecting competence of a physical rehabilitation future specialist 2009.-N6.7
3. Blavt O.Z., Tz'ovh L.P.Swimming, as a rehabilitation method of students` with violation of musculoskeletal system, which are engages in special medical groups 2009.-N6.10
4. Boyko G.L., Anikeyenko L.V., Yefremenko V.M., Mischuk D.M.Optimization of the educational process on classes' basketball 2009.-N6.16
5. Boyko G.Technology of practical realization of system of psychology-pedagogical support of sports activity of swimmers in Paralympics sports 2009.-N6.19
6. Bondar T.S., Bochkova, T.N., Cherednichenko M.A., Lysik E.A., Petrenko I.V., Sheyko L.V., Naugmenko Z.I.Athletic (sanitary) club schools, as the form to realization to need schoolchildren in home rule athletic life in educational institutions 2009.-N6.22
7. Bochkova N. L.Validation of parameters of health improving physical training for people with arterial hypertension 2009.-N6.25
8. Bochkova N. L.The impact of a degree of manifestation of risk factors of cardiovascular diseases development on morphofunctional condition and physical efficiency 2009.-N6.28
9. Volkova S.S., Hotalevich E.V.The physical rehabilitation of the children with Down's syndrome from 3 to 6 years old 2009.-N6.31
10. Gatsko O.V.Use of physical training with a health - related orientation at students with cardio-vascular system's diseases 2009.-N6.33
11. Gordienko Y.V., Stetsenko A.I.The age descriptions of sportswomen, which specialize in powerlifting 2009.-N6.37
12. Gressu N.V., Sukacheva O.N.The peculiarities of person's motivational sphere at different stages of their professional formation 2009.-N6.40
13. Grokhova A.P.Development and realization of pedagogical terms of forming recreations culture of future engineers-teachers. 2009.-N6.44
14. Gulbany R.S., Gonchar S.N.Physical rehabilitation at the fatigue of sportsmen-footballers 2009.-N6.48
15. Gunko P.M.The attitude of students with different level of physical preparation towards physical training and healthy way of life 2009.-N6.51
16. Desatnicova N.V., Desatnicov G.A., Kudrashova T.I.Research of the use of different methods of physical rehabilitation at the students of special medical bunch at the disease on bronchial asthma 2009.-N6.56
17. Dolbisheva N.G., Borisova Y.Y., Perezhogina O.V.Procedure of perfecting technique of fulfilment of elements with a skipping rope without visual monitoring at a stage of base specialized preparation 2009.-N6.59
18. Ivanochko O.Organization of exercises on physical training of students of special medical bunches under the author's program 2009.-N6.62
19. Ivashchenko M.V.Features technology tutor's activities 2009.-N6.68
20. Karpyuk R.P.Constituents of the professionalism of specialist of the adaptive physical education. 2009.-N6.72
21. Kotendzhy L. V., Stetsenko A. I.The result's dynamic of winners of men's open world powerlifting championships 2009.-N6.75
22. Kotsan I.Ya., Kozachuk N.O., Kutriy L.V.The changes of the coherence of alpha rhythm in the divergent thinking depending on the personal characteristics of tested people 2009.-N6.79
23. Lifar E.Y., Bandurina K.V.Physical rehabilitation of children's with cerebral pulsy in condition of special school 2009.-N6.82
24. Likhoded V.S., Klopov R.V., Likhoded Y.V., Sotnik A.V.Functional state of the respiratory system of schoolchildren aged 7-14 years, residing in the 30km area of the Nuclear Power Plant 2009.-N6.85
25. Lifentsev S.N.The role of education in shaping the cognitive activity of students 2009.-N6.92
26. Lyapin V. P., Yakovleva K. V., Mamayeva O. V.Means of primary preventive maintenance of the negative phenomena in the student's environment. 2009.-N6.96
27. Maksimchook B.A.Habits of scheduling sports-mass work by the future teachers of an elementary school 2009.-N6.99
28. Martyniuk A.P.Structuralization of philological preparation essence in the structure of pedagogical system 2009.-N6.102
29. Minenok A.O.Methodological basis of the methods of health base teaching, valeologycal and vital functions safety 2009.-N6.106
30. Osipov V.M., Pisarenko S.M.Application of traditional games and toys for development, rehabilitation and diagnostics of children of early age 2009.-N6.109
31. Otroshko T.V.Realization the principles of Bologna declaration: a competence approach and module technologies today 2009.-N6.112
32. Pytomets A.P.Criteria of evaluation of student's progress from educational discipline the "Massage" 2009.-N6.116
33. Prikhoda I.V., Nechaeva O.V., Nechaev N.A.Antihypertensive and capdioprotective efficacy of bisoprolol in middle-aged and elderly patients with arterial hypertension 2009.-N6.119
34. Puryk G.J., Yevdokimov E.I.Massage use in physical rehabilitation at degenerately - dystrophic defeats of cervical department of a backbone 2009.-N6.123
35. Redkovetst T.G., Alja Omar Samara, Mehdi Abolfathi.Means of physical aftertreatment in therapy of faces with a multiple sclerosis 2009.-N6.126
36. Salamakha O.Y.Health-improving effect of taekwondo classes 2009.-N6.131
37. Sitovskyi A.M., Chyzhyk V.V.Physical preparedness of dynamics of teenagers during studying year of their biological ripening tempos 2009.-N6.135
38. Slizyuk Y.S.Vacuum - therapy (jar massage) as a method of an aftertreatment at an osteochondrosis with instability of a lumbosacral department. 2009.-N6.140
39. Smolyar I.I., Fandikova L.O., Dembitskaya O.O.Features of professional self-determination of students with acoustical deprivaciya in NUPESU 2009.-N6.143
40. Stryga E.V.The socio-cultural approach as the condition of professional formation of prospective teachers' mentality 2009.-N6.147
41. Trofimov V.A., Shylkyn G.M.Methodological recommendation for track-and-field events lessons at comprehensive school 2009.-N6.150
42. Khoroshukha M.F.about the opportunity of using power-ergometry method in appraisal of power prepararion of young sportsmen (by the example of a duel) 2009.-N6.154
43. Yaroshchuk L.G.Preparation of the future teachers of an elementary school to use of pedagogical technologies in educational process 2009.-N6.158
44. Yatsyuk S.M.Use of innovational pedagogical technologies in educational process of university 2009.-N6.161
45. Yashna O.P.Fundamentals of organization of children education to adaptive physical training in conditions of the centers of a social aftertreatment 2009.-N6.164
46. Skrobecki J., Stech M.The influence of power and plyomertic training with stretching on the vertical jumping indices of the women volleyball players. 2009.-N6.154

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