CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2010, vol.1

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Babich V.I., Zaitsev V.A., Nechaeva O.V.The training of the future teachers the basis of health - the important of condition bringing up heathen youth. 2010.-N1.3
2. Bachinskaya N.V., Koshcheev A.S.Control of general and special physical preparedness of sportsmen is 12-13 years in taekwondo 2010.-N1.6
3. Bezverhnya G.V., Mayevskiy N.Y.The forming of valuable orientations in the process of physical up-bringing 2010.-N1.10
4. Bezkorovainyi D.O.Base system of training and system of direct preparation to competitions in armsport 2010.-N1.13
5. Blavt .Z.The swimming as the method of adiposity rehabilitation of students of special medical groups in the high education conditions. 2010.-N1.17
6. Bochkova N.L.Dosing physical loads in the health improving physical training for the persons with the excess mass of body 2010.-N1.26
7. Vlasov G.V.Physical education as a basis of professional formation of the specialists of the medical institutions 2010.-N1.29
8. Vovchenko I.I., Tunik N. Ts., Stadnik T.V.The state ob the college students health 2010.-N1.33
9. Gavrilova N.M., Bochkova N.L.Prevention and correction of violations of posture in the required classes of physical training on the department of the athletics 2010.-N1.36
10. Gavrulyk A.P.Organization of physical education in groups of prolonged day taking into account the capacity of schoolboys 2010.-N1.39
11. Gordienko Y. V.Self-examination physiological characteristics of an organism of women who specialize in powerlifting 2010.-N1.43
12. Demina Z.G.Criteria of evaluation of success of future music masters on discipline "Physical education" in higher educational establishments 2010.-N1.47
13. Desatnikva N.V., Desatnikv G.A.Possibility of employments by sport to the students with low blood pressure displays 2010.-N1.51
14. Dyadechko I.E.Features manifestations of personality traits in male handball players of different sexes 2010.-N1.56
15. Yefimova V.M.Health protecting technologies in the context of pedagogic investigations 2010.-N1.57
16. Zhuk A.A.Analysis of the approaches to distribution of school children into medical groups for attends PE at school 2010.-N1.61
17. Ionova E.N., Partola V.V.R. Shtayner about development of intellectual sphere of junior schoolboys 2010.-N1.64
18. Kaydalova L.G.Organization and control of independent work of students 2010.-N1.67
19. Kashuba V.A., Goncharova N.N.Modern approaches of monitoring children's physical state in the process of physical education 2010.-N1.71
20. Kohanets P.P.Intercommunications of indexes of physical development, functional preparedness and psychophysiological descriptions of students of sportsmen of footballers of 1 and 2 courses 2010.-N1.74
21. Maslova O.V.Biological ripening - as factor for influences of special capacity and functional possibilities of young basketball-players (girls) 2010.-N1.79
22. Nagorna O. B.The research of the state of muscular tone for children of first-year of life with the delay of motive development 2010.-N1.84
23. Nesterova T.V., Kojanova O.S.Factors of individually-psychological and psychophysiological compatibility of sportswomen at selection to commands on group exercises of rhythmic gymnastics 2010.-N1.87
24. Nikitenko A.., Nikitenko S.A., Nikitenko A..Factors of influence in a time of motive reaction and quickness of protective actions of boxers on the stage of base pre-treatment 2010.-N1.91
25. Oleshko V.G., Antoniuk O.V. Speed characteristics of structure motion of the system "athletes-weight" in weightlifters of various gender 2010.-N1.95
26. Pylypey L.P., Shapoval N.S.Professional-applied physical training students by means of field hockey 2010.-N1.100
27. Samokish I.I.Factorial structure of functional capabilities of primary school age girls 2010.-N1.105
28. Serhiyenko L.P., Lyshevskaya V.M.Methods of sports genetics: dermatoglyphic analysis of human palmarprints (information 2) 2010.-N1.109
29. Stetsenko A.I.Joint Sport Classification of Ukraine and ranking standards in powerlifting 2010.-N1.114
30. Tamozhska I. V.The features of argumentation skills formation problem in Higher Educational Establishment students 2010.-N1.119
31. Tkachenko V.B.Influence of age, qualification and period of annual cycle on the indexes of physical preparedness of biathlonists 14-17 years. 2010.-N1.123
32. Trifan A.Physical education curriculums in the educational institutions of Zakarpattia in the 20-30 years of the XX century 2010.-N1.128
33. Khimich I.J.Improvement of process of improving swimming of students of technical colleges 2010.-N1.131
34. Chornobay I. ., Kuz' T. W.Speed of implementation of technical receptions with ball by players in mini football of commands of masters and student commands 2010.-N1.134
35. Shalenko V.V., Pertsukhov A.A.Comparative analysis of indexes of physical preparedness of footballers of professional commands of different level 2010.-N1.139
36. Shakhnenko V.I.Theory and method of leadthrough of prophylaxis of deficit of vitamin for the students of general educational establishments 2010.-N1.142
37. Yukhno Y.O., Sergienko K.N., Khmelnitska I.V.The elite weightlifter's strength and speed qualities 2010.-N1.145
38. Chodinow W., Kaca M.Selected factors of sports result in kayaking among students of Radom Technological College 2010.-N1.149
39. Golbik E.The influence of critical pnenomena on the educational process of children and young people. Part III. "General social factors shaping the educational processes of the transformation period" 2010.-N1.153
40. Golbik E., Romanowska-Tolloczko A.Educational aims of the transformation period 2010.-N1.156
41. Romanowska-Tolloczko A., Golbik E.Parents' authority and the effectiveness of their educational actions 2010.-N1.159
42. Prystupa T., Rzepka A., Lara W.Changes of selected physiological indices in men under the influence of thermal heating and cooling 2010.-N1.162

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.