CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2011, vol.9

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1. Aghyppo A.Y. Role of department in organization of independent work of students to the terms of teaching in higher educational establishment 2011.-N9.3
2. Antonov S.V., Pityn M.P. Effectiveness of qualified riflemen archery in control exercises with difficult conditions performance 2011.-N9.8
3. Babich N.L. Efficiency of the program of correction of emotional-volitional sphere of swimmers with violations of intellect on a test 4х50 m 2011.-N9.11
4. Vindiuk P.A. Using multivariate diagnostics to assess the functional status of children with cerebral palsy 2011.-N9.16
5. Voropay S.M. The athlete as a problem in the olympic movement and the approaches to solve it 2011.-N9.21
6. Vysochina N.L., Smolyar I.I., Emshanova Y.O. The training program self-correcting and developing leadership qualities of sportsmen of high qualification 2011.-N9.26
7. Glozhyk I.Z., Yavdoshyk A.V. The development of coordination abilities and biochemical changes in schoolchildren of primary school age at employment choreography 2011.-N9.30
8. Guo Penchen. The functionality of canoeists specializing in competitive distance 200 meters 2011.-N9.35
9. Elbrekht O.M. Standardization of higher education as a means of improving professional training 2011.-N9.38
10. Iermakov S.S., Kozina Zh.L., Prusik Ka., Hagner-Derengowska M. System of physical training of persons of age mature and old. 2011.-N9.43
11. Zaharina E.A. Extra-curricular work as a precondition for improving the health of schoolchildren 2011.-N9.49
12. Karpa I.Y. The structure of physical conditioning of skilled footballers on the training stage to higher progress 2011.-N9.53
13. Kibal'nik O.Y. Dynamics of reflection of corporal potential of teenagers under act of employments on the offered technology of fitness 2011.-N9.57
14. Kozina Zh.L, Lakhno E.G, Moskalets T.V., Kondak N.N. The system of integral development of children at the age of 1-5 years with the use of technical devices 2011.-N9.61
15. Kruzhylo G.G., Zimenko E.V. Physical exercises and massage influence on the organism of school age children with violations of carriage in a frontal plane 2011.-N9.69
16. Lukjanchenko N.I. Health pedagogy through the prism of family education 2011.-N9.73
17. Mazur V.А., Iedinak G.A. The regulatory framework of special medical group students' physical education: identifying the problem 2011.-N9.77
18. Miroshnichenko V.I., Stavickiy O.N. Physical perfection and tempering as a constituent of introduction of Cossack pedagogics in patriotic education of border students-guards 2011.-N9.83
19. Mudryk I.P. Rhythmic models of technical actions of sportsmen karate-do of high qualification 2011.-N9.87
20. Prystupa Y.N., Vovkanych А.S. Role and place of specialist of physical rehabilitation in the population health care system 2011.-N9.92
21. Samokih I.I. The method of estimation of educational achievements in physical education of girls of primary school age with functional testing 2011.-N9.97
22. Sushko R.A. Programmatic material on perfection of competition activity of highly skilled basketball players 2011.-N9.101
23. Tkachenko V.B. Classification of young biathlonists on the structure of their special physical preparedness 2011.-N9.105
24. Usychenko V.V. The correction of skilled athletes' constitution, specializing in bodybuilding in the preparatory period of the annual cycle 2011.-N9.110
25. Flerchuk V.V., Soltyk О.О. Determination of the correlation relationship of pedagogical tests of general physical training with a set of parameters describing the morphological features and canoeists 2011.-N9.117
26. Chodinow W.N. Trophic component in realization of the active rest in the stimulation of tissues processes 2011.-N9.123
27. Khoroshukha M.F. The trend-analysis of the psychophysiological indicators in the system of young sportsmen's selection during the stages of their long-time training 2011.-N9.130
28. Shuba L.V. The impact of physical training lessons organization for the health of primary school children 2011.-N9.135
29. Prusik Katerina. Criteria of estimation of positive health level are in the long-term process of the health training of women of senior age 2011.-N9.139

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