CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2011, vol.10

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1. Bodnar I.R., Vitos Y.K.The unity of training, education and health of preschool children in the process of training in karate 2011.-N10.5
2. Bondarenko V. V.The effectiveness of the implementation methods of forming a psychophysical readiness for future law enforcement officers to work in conditions of risk 2011.-N10.10
3. Vovk L.V.Socio-biological, psychological and pedagogical foundations of a culture of healthy living individual 2011.-N10.14
4. Gorobey M.P.Problems of the balanced feed of students 2011.-N10.20
5. Doroshenko E.Iu.Direction of technical and tactical skill in athletes playing team sports, playing with light position 2011.-N10.23
6. Zubov E.V, Trofimov V.A.Outdoor games and athletic exercises as a means of increasing the speed capabilities of pupils of secondary school age 2011.-N10.28
7. Kovalenko S.O., Grechuha S.V.The dynamics of covering 1 km distance in rowing and canoeing on 2009-2011 World Championships 2011.-N10.33
8. Korobeinikov G.V., Kozina Zh.L., Lakhno E.G.Features of the physical, psycho-physiological development and physical fitness of children 1-5 years 2011.-N10.37
9. Kugaevskij S.A.Using the principal model in the preparation of athletes qualified in short-track 2011.-N10.42
10. Oleshko V. G. Shymechko I. M.Contents of training process of highly qualified weightlifters 2011.-N10.49
11. Оlchovik A. V. Physical rehabilitation of students of medical groups with the disease vegetative-vascular dystonia for mixed type 2011.-N10.54
12. Pomazan A. A.The motor characteristics of boys 4-6 years old to determine the prospects for gymnastics 2011.-N10.57
13. Prima R. M.Forming professional mobility of a future teacher: methodological approaches 2011.-N10.61
14. Prozar N.V., Iedynak G.A.Symptoms and indicators of change in physical condition of students 2011.-N10.66
15. Serhiyenko L.P., Lyshevska V.M.Problems of genetic diagnosis: serological markers in the prognosis of the development of human speed abilities 2011.-N10.72
16. Sljusarchuk V.V.Characteristics of the functional parameters of children of different somatotype during the period between 8 and 10 years 2011.-N10.77
17. Stetsenko A. I.The child-youths powerlifting in sports schools system 2011.-N10.84
18. Sushko R.A.Experimental verification of the effectiveness of a method for evaluating and modeling the technical and tactical actions skilled basketball players 2011.-N10.89
19. Khoroshykha M.F.By the nature of aggressive young players 13-16 years, specializing in various sports through the prism of this phenomenon among their peers-athletes. 2011.-N10.97
20. Shevchenko S.N.Forming and actualization of cognitive motives as means for development of students' analytical thinking 2011.-N10.100
21. Shishlova D.V.Personalization technical and tactical training of qualified judokas 2011.-N10.105
22. Boraczynski Tomasz, Zaporozhanov V.A.Motor learning as a criterion for evaluating coordination motor abilities 2011.-N10.110
23. Kortas Jakub, Prusik Krzysztof, Prusik Katarzyna, Ossowski Zbigniew, Bielawa Lukasz, Wiech Monika.Changes in physical fitness profilogramach women aged 60 - 75 years under training health 2011.-N10.119
24. Prusik Katarzyna, Lapszo Janusz, Giovanis Vassilios, Prusik Krzysztof.Age and sex differences in leg strength in stepping up movements 2011.-N10.125

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