CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2011, vol.12

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1. Babenko V.G., Evdokimova L.G., Tupitsa J.I., Hapsalis G.L. The general of the precondition of success of physical training of students of special medical group 2011.-N12.5
2. Bezyazichny B.I., Seriy A. V., Lysenchuk G.A. Gorchanyuk Y.A.Modern techniques of explosive power in foothall-footballers 2011.-N12.9
3. Borova T.A.The education coaching concept 2011.-N12.12
4. Bubka S.N.Modern Olympic sport: economic mechanism of self-development 2011.-N12.17
5. Vaskov U.V.The main components of the content of physical training education in secondary schools 2011.-N12.25
6. Gonchar O.V.The studio organization of pedagogical mutual relations between participants of higher school the educational process 2011.-N12.29
7. Zaytsev V.P., Manucharyan S.V., Hagner-Derengowska M., Iermakov S.S.General provisions of medical physical training in diseases of the urinary tract in the postoperative period 2011.-N12.33
8. Kemkina V.I.Pedagogical terms of correction of motive sphere of persons of ripe years with the purchased blindness by facilities of playing activity 2011.-N12.38
9. Kozlova O.K.Directions of research of problem of preparation of elite athletes in the conditions of professionalization (on the example of track-and-field) 2011.-N12.42
10. Kravchuk T.N., Rjadinskaja I.A., Lytovko T.V., Spuzjak V.B.The method of developing the ability to maintain balance in children of secondary school age by means of art gymnastics 2011.-N12.46
11. Kulthickiy Z.I.Muscle strength in athletes-hand kettlebell sport for different meteorological situations 2011.-N12.50
12. Kurko Ya.V.Swimming is a mean of physical rehabilitation for sensible to the change of weather people 2011.-N12.54
13. Moutiev A.V., Moutieva I.M.Sport competitions in Antique Chersoneses 2011.-N12.58
14. Noreiko S.B.Features of gas exchange of healthy people of working age 2011.-N12.61
15. Omelchenko T.G.Priority factors of prenosological condition of the body structure of children of primary school age 2011.-N12.64
16. Pavlenko І.O.Components and structure of scientific support systems of athlete's preparation to Olympic Games 2011.-N12.68
17. Payevsky V.V., Gorchanuyk Y.A.Influence of method of development speed-power qualities on military-professional activity of students 2011.-N12.73
18. Pechko O.M.Methods of decision of professional situations of the future specialists of physical education 2011.-N12.78
19. Poproshaev O.V., Chumacov O.V., Kashynsky G.A.Influence traditional, traditionally-sectional and sectional forms of organization of lessons on physical education on a level of somatic health of students (1-4 courses) 2011.-N12.81
20. Prozar N.V.Efficiency of experimental maintenance of physical education in a capture by a schoolchildren of 4-5 classes by the receptions of playing volleyball and handball 2011.-N12.85
21. Ruban L.A.Differentiated complex physical rehabilitation at the chronic obstructive disease of lights 2011.-N12.90
22. Sljusarchuk V.V., Iedynak G.A.Programming of employments physical exercises for the improvement of bodily condition of children of midchildhood 2011.-N12.97
23. Statiev S.I.Orientation in space - one of constituents of dancings motions of deaf children 6-10 years old 2011.-N12.102
24. Sutula V.A.Factors, influencing on forming for the children of middle and senior school ages of attitude toward harmful habits 2011.-N12.105
25. Sukhobok O. Y.Means of innovative pedagogical technologies in preparation of future teachers of physical culture 2011.-N12.109
26. Tatarchuk I.P.Analysis of appearance of the Ukrainian veterans of sport on the I European games of masters (Sweden, 2008) 2011.-N12.113
27. Tvelina A.О.Technology pedagogical activities on the formation of special motor skills of future teachers of physical education facilities fitness 2011.-N12.116
28. Tymoshenko Y.O.Physical culture beyond the conditions of soviet totalitarian culture development (1920-s) 2011.-N12.121
29. Shymechko I. M.Correlation of facilities of training work of weightlifters of high qualification of different weight categories 2011.-N12.126
30. Yurchuk S.N.Use of modern fitness technologies in athletic-health-improvement reading with men in terms fitness of club 2011.-N12.132
31. Yalovik V.T.Using of problem situations for forming pedagogical creativity of future teachers of physical education 2011.-N12.135
32. Yarmoschuk O.O.Didactic games in the system of specialists preparation of physical culture and sport 2011.-N12.139
33. Sztejnberg A., Jasinski T.Quantity of the physical distance declared by students in different situations 2011.-N12.143

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