CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2012, vol.6

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1. Bubka S.N.Alexey Butovsky and the system of physical education in France 2012.-N6.5
2. Aleshina A.I.Features of application of medical physical culture for the children of patients by bronchial asthma 2012.-N6.12
3. Bandurina E.V., Shpitalny E.N.Application of complex method of physical rehabilitation at a chronic obstructive bronchitis for men 2012.-N6.16
4. Bandurina E.V., Babakova I.A.The complex hike to the correction of functions supporting motive vehicle at violations of carriage for the under-fives of orthopaedic group 2012.-N6.21
5. Bezuglaya L. I.Features of physical training of teachers of postdiploma pedagogical education 2012.-N6.25
6. Bondar A.S.The modern forms of organization of recreational health-building work with a population 2012.-N6.29
7. Bochkova N. L.А ground of methodical approaches to determination of descriptions of athletic-health employments. 2012.-N6.33
8. Valcevich A.V., Bychuk A.I.Influence of program of prophylaxis of violations of vaults of foot on sagital type of foot of junior school age children 2012.-N6.36
9. Voitovych I.N.Dynamics of introduction of type teaching of senior pupils to sporting direction in Ukraine 2012.-N6.41
10. Voloshin O. R.Role of health-keeping technologies in educational process 2012.-N6.47
11. Goncharenko M. S., Timchenko A. N.Development of valeological knowledge among students while using individual sanitary programmes in extracurricula work. 2012.-N6.51
12. Deminskaya L.A.Physical health of the student as the main value of pedagogical process 2012.-N6.54
13. Dragnev Y. V.Professional development of future teacher of physical culture in informatively-educational space: information technologies in educational process 2012.-N6.59
14. Yefremova A.Y.Determination of level of physical preparedness of future engineers of railway transport 2012.-N6.62
15. Zhurid S.N., Sleman Rebaz, Shalenko V.V.Pedagogical aspects of the use of looking after the transmissions of ball for the footballers of the first league 2012.-N6.65
16. Zubchenko L.V.Basic reasons of creative activity at forming pedagogical creation of future teachers of physical education 2012.-N6.71
17. Karlo V.G.Problems of forming informative competence of future teachers of physical culture in the context of informatization of education 2012.-N6.74
18. Kvasnitsa O.M., Bazyl'chuk O.V.Competition performance of rugby-players of youth championship of Europe U-20 2012.-N6.77
19. Konova L A.The psychological correction after stress condition of students by the methods of physical education 2012.-N6.80
20. Korzh N.L.Motivational-value attitude technical students to self-employment physical culture 2012.-N6.84
21. Korobeynikov G.V., Radchenko Y.A.Demonstration of intuitive thinking in conditions of competitive activity depending on athletes' psychophysiological state 2012.-N6.87
22. Loshytska T.I.Analysis of development of force of different muscular groups for girls 18 - 20 years 2012.-N6.91
23. Orlenko N. A.Experimental test results study future of physical profile of the aviation 2012.-N6.94
24. Poproshaev O.V., Ostrovsky M.V., Chumakov O.V.Dependency of indexes of the physical development level with the technical preparation structure of qualified water polo players in their playing role 2012.-N6.98
25. Prikhodko S.I.Comparative analysis of the rate of aging young people of student age 2012.-N6.104
26. Chernyakov V.V.Classification of professional situations of the teacher of physical culture 2012.-N6.107
27. Shamardin V.N.The orientation and dynamics of the training loads in practice of highly qualified football players' training 2012.-N6.111
28. Shymechko I.M., Mahlovanyy A.V.Characteristic of parameters of speed-strength preparednees of highly skilled weightlifters 2012.-N6.115
29. Romanowska-Tolloczko Anna, Miedzinska Beata.Pedagogical and psychological pre-service teacher training in different types of higher education institutions 2012.-N6.119
30. Vorobiova A.V.Program of recreational and health activities for adolescents with character's accentuations 2012.-N6.124

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