CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2013, vol.3

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1. Balamutova N.M., Babadganjan V.V.Hydro aerobics as means for physical state improvement of female students 2013.-N03.3
2. Berezka S.M.Football as a professional sport, and the prospects for its development in Ukraine 2013.-N03.7
3. Voitovska O.N.Computer diagnostics of level of professional competence formation of future physical culture teachers in the biological disciplines study 2013.-N03.11
4. Ivaniy I.W.The essential characteristic of health preserving competence of physical education teacher. 2013.-N03.18
5. Kirpenko V.N.The functional model of optimization of the special physical preparation of students in the period of flying practice 2013.-N03.23
6. Konovalov V.V., PoddubnyA.G., Poltavec A.I.Forming a motivation to the studies by the military-applied exercises for the cadets of few specialties of university of civil defence of Ministry of emergency measures of Ukraine. 2013.-N03.31
7. Mukhamediarov N.N.Methodological foundations of healthy lifestyle 2013.-N03.36
8. Palladina O.L.Formation of healthy lifestyle among schoolchildren with overweight and obesity. 2013.-N03.39
9. Perederij V.V.The problem of the quality of judging in rhythmic gymnastics 2013.-N03.43
10. Reshetniak O.A.Characteristics of the physical heart trained and untrained students depending on the level of bioelements in the body. 2013.-N03.47
11. Sergienko V.N.The complex testing control of students' motor abilities aged 17-20 years 2013.-N03.52
12. Serhiyenko L.P., Lyshevska V.M.Soles dermatoglyphics in the prognosis of sports endowment: differences of soles dermatoglyphics in sportsmen of different sport kinds. 2013.-N03.57
13. Stepanchenko N. I.Structure and state of the university of physical culture students' professional-pedagogical motivation. 2013.-N03.62
14. Strikalenko E.A.Comparison of economic activity leading U.S. sports leagues. 2013.-N03.69
15. Reza Andam, Asieh Ghorbanian Rajabi, Nooshin Benar.The study of self-concept between volunteer and non-volunteer students in sport of universities 2013.-N03.73

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