CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2014, vol.1

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1. Arefiev V.G.Modeling of differentiated physical fitness in school children 2014.-N01.3
2. Artemenko B.O.The significance of the tactical training of volleyball players of different skill levels in their play activities 2014.-N01.9
3. vahnenko A.A.Comparative characteristics of the development of psychomotor sphere deaf primary school children and their peers with hearing preservation 2014.-N01.13
4. Kozina Zh.L., Borisiuk M.V., Bazilyuk T.A.Development programme motor function of children with mental retardation 2014.-N01.18
5. Kozina Zh.L., Ilnizaya A.S., Kolomiez N.A., Barybina L.N., Cieślicka Mirosława, Stankiewicz Błaźej, Pilewska Wiesława. Effects of integrated improving technique pilates and bodyflex level of functionality on students 2014.-N01.24
6. Kutek T.B.Conceptual model for managing long-term training of qualified athletes specializing in athletic jumps 2014.-N01.31
7. Marchenko O.Y.Features of gender identity among schoolchildren of different ages 2014.-N01.37
8. Mukhamediarov N. N.Methodology briefing students in the safety on physical education in the gym 2014.-N01.42
9. Omelyanenko V.I.Dynamic meditation in sports dances 2014.-N01.46
10. Poproshaev O. V., Chumakov O. V.Anatomic-morphological features of qualified water polo players depending on game role 2014.-N01.51
11. Smirnova Y.V., Saykina E.G.Efficacy of application technology of managing physical exercise by the musical accompaniment to reduce school anxiety first form pupils 2014.-N01.57
12. Starchenko A.U.Dynamics of values in physical training scholarship of senior preschoolers under the influence of set of activities connected with physical scholarship optimization 2014.-N01.64
13. Syshko D.V.Influence of paravertebrals miorelaxation on cerebral hemodynamics of sportsmen 2014.-N01.69
14. Tshchenko V.A.Methodological foundations of the modern training system of skilled handballers 2014.-N01.76
15. Fedak S.S.Correlation analysis of indicators of physical condition, health and physical fitness of soldiers involved in peacekeeping operations 2014.-N01.80
16. Prystupa Tetyana, Bolach Bartosz.Health oriented training for women in selected fitness clubs 2014.-N01.85

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