The immune system of athletes of different sports

Keywords: athletes, immunity, progress, health, biochemistry, blood


Purpose : the comparative study of the immunity features of elite athletes of different sports. Material : study involved athletes of the highest mastery level of cyclic and acyclic sports (n = 147, age 18-23 years). Athletes were divided into groups by kinds of sport. Skiers (n = 54), swimmers (n = 23), wrestlers (n = 49), boxers (n = 21). Results : It was determined that athletes of acyclic sports (wrestlers and boxers) had a significant double increase in the level of secretory immunoglobulin IgA. In parallel, the level of immunoglobulins IgG is reduced. The highest indicators of lysosomal activity were recorded in skiers. Boxers, wrestlers, and swimmers had a decrease in the lysosomal activity level. The maximum phagocytic number is determined in wrestlers, and the minimum - in boxers. Conclusions : Comparative study of the immunity features of elite athletes in various sports suggests that there is a strain on the immune status. This condition is especially expressed in acyclic sports athletes (wrestling, boxing). This is due to the loads in the preparation process. The data received allow to confirm the significance of immune protection indicators in monitoring the athletes functional status.


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Author Biographies

A.P. Isaev, South Ural State University
prof., Doctor of Science;; 60 Soni Krivoy st., Chelyabinsk, 454080, Russia
V.V. Erlikh, South Ural State University
prof., Doctor of Science;; 60 Soni Krivoy st., Chelyabinsk, 454080, Russia
V.I. Zalyapin, South Ural State University
prof., PhD;; 60 Soni Krivoy st., Chelyabinsk, 454080, Russia
A.S. Bakhareva, South Ural State University
prof., PhD;; 60 Soni Krivoy st., Chelyabinsk, 454080, Russia
A.V. Nenasheva, South Ural State University
prof., Doctor of Science;; 60 Soni Krivoy st., Chelyabinsk, 454080, Russia
Yu.N. Romanov, South Ural State University
prof., Doctor of Science;; 60 Soni Krivoy st., Chelyabinsk, 454080, Russia
S.L. Sashenkov, South-Ural State Medical University
prof., Doctor of Science;; 64 Vorovskogo st., Chelyabinsk, 454092, Russia
A.V. Shevtsov, National University of Physical Culture and Sports. P.F. Lesgafta
prof., Doctor of Science;; 35 Decembrists st., Petersburg, 190121, Russia
D.O. Maleev, Tyumen State University
prof., PhD;; 6 Volodarsky st., Tyumen, 625003, Russia
Yu.B. Korableva, South Ural State University; 60 Soni Krivoy st., Chelyabinsk, 454080, Russia


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