CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2008, vol.4

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Agapov D.V.Research of Coordination Abilities at the Schoolboys Engaged in Baseball at a Stage of Initial Preparation 2008.-N4.3
2. Alexandrov J.V.Increase of Efficiency of Process of Training Young Sambists Due to Application of Exercises of a High-Speed and Power Orientation 2008.-N4.5
3. Balamutova N.M., Polozhiy V.M., Chumakov O.V.The Method of the Appraisal of Physical Preparedness of Law Academy's Students Taking into Account their Individual Anthropometrical Characteristics 2008.-N4.8
4. Vykhliaiev J.M., Khimich I.J.The Device for Training of Swimmers "Swimming Shoulder Blades" 2008.-N4.12
5. Glazunov S.I., Glazunova E.G.Prospects of Application of Information Technologies in the System of Physical Preparation of Servicemen 2008.-N4.15
6. Goryanov S., Hripko L., Mironenko V., Matlahov M.Able-Bodied Mode of Life of Student's Youth 2008.-N4.19
7. Gura N.A.Scientific - Methodic Basis of Childrens and Teenagers Anthropomotoric Abilities Development During Systematic Training 2008.-N4.22
8. Danko T.Characteristics of Functional Preparedness Structure of Highly Skilled Wrestlers at the Precompetitive Training Stage 2008.-N4.25
9. Dmitriev S.V.Run of the Sportsman Without Finiteness's - Development of Methods and Means of Educing Learning in Adaptive Pedagogic 2008.-N4.29
10. Zavorotnaya O.A.Methods of Coordination Abilities Development of the Young Basketball Players with Acoustic Disturbances 2008.-N4.35
11. Zaharovskaja T.L., Gorbenko V.P.Factorial Structure of Kinematic Parameters of Technical Equipment the Throwers of a Spear at a Stage at Initial Preparation 2008.-N4.38
12. Ivanenko N.V.Тhe Foundation of Professional Qualities of Future Managers with the Help of Physical Upbringing 2008.-N4.42
13. Ivanov V.I.Makarenko Understands of the Role of Physical Culture in Pedagogical Practice and its Priority for Modern Educational Establishments 2008.-N4.44
14. Ivashchenko O.Leadership as Factor of Effectiveness of Competition Activity of Collapsible Masculine Student Commands from the Playing Types of Sport 2008.-N4.46
15. Kirichenko A.V.Scientific - Methodical Aspects of Physical Education of the Pupils of Secondary Schools Acoding to the Directions of Values of Olympic Movement as Significant are Considered 2008.-N4.48
16. Kirpenko V.N., Kondratyuk V.I., Piddybniy A.G.Requirements to the On-Line Tutorials for the Educational Groups of Sporting Sections after Specialization Football 2008.-N4.53
17. Kozina Zh.L.The Mathematical Design of Individual Features of Sportsmen 2008.-N4.56
18. Krause T.M.Spatio-Temporal Nature of Rights: Entropy - as a Test of Spatial and Temporal Organization of Human Psychological and Physical Condition 2008.-N4.59
19. Lazareva V.G, Pristinskii V.N.The Influence of Baseball Lessons on the Formation of Children-Orphans' Spiritual and Mental Health 2008.-N4.62
20. Latishev N.V., Latishev S.V.Method of Estimation of The Special Capacity of Fighters of Free Style 2008.-N4.65
21. Litovchenko G.O., Bulanov O.M., Tkachenko S.V., Kuzmenko M.G., Kharchenko A.N.The Maintenance of the Training Process in a Training of the Poliatlonists 2008.-N4.69
22. Makushchenko I.V.Motor-Cognitive Games as an Effective Component of Physical Training in the Centers' Work "Sports for all" in Schools 2008.-N4.72
23. Moskalenko N.V., Lukovskaya O.L., Kovtun A.A.Spirographical Investigation of Functional Resources of Respiratory System of Ukrainian Soccer Paralympic National Team 2008.-N4.76
24. Navka P.I.Methodical Government Bases by the Economy of Professional Sporting Clubs and Leagues 2008.-N4.80
25. Novak T.Y.Development of Motor Abilities Children, of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Parents on a Difference Between the Birthplaces 2008.-N4.83
26. Osiptsov A.V.Value of Parameters of Dynamics of Physical Qualities in Definition of Rates of Vocational Training of Students 2008.-N4.86
27. Popadyuha Y.A. Mobile Information System of Monitoring and Correction of Actions of a Man Under Water in the Conditions of Pool 2008.-N4.90
28. Prystynska T.M., I.V. Makushchenko., Vitruk E.S., Sechova T.I., A.D.Yarokhno. The Statics - Dynamical Correcting Gymnastics as an Effective Means of Culture of Motions Training of Eldest Preschoolers Children 2008.-N4.95
29. Prikhoda I.V.The Effective of Cudesan in Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome X 2008.-N4.97
30. Redkovets T.G., Vasilenko M.N.,Ali Smadi. State-of-the-Art Introducings about Regenerative Therapy and a Physical Aftertreatment of Faces With an Enclosed Spinal Cord Trauma of a Lumbar Level 2008.-N4.100
31. Sadovskaya Yu.Ya.Habits of Physical Development and Physical Effeciency of Students of University 2008.-N4.103
32. Sembrat A.Diagnostics of a Condition of Intellectual Good Breeding of Senior Pupils in Teaching and Educational Process of a Grammar School 2008.-N4.106
33. Sitnicova N.S.Estimation of Efficiency use of Complex Restoration Measures for the Increase of Motive and Functional Preparedness of Boys of 13 - 14 Years Engaged in Track-and-Field 2008.-N4.111
34. Smolyar Y.V.Development of Velocity Quality and Faculties by Student 2008.-N4.115
35. Starchenko S.А.Scientific-Methodical Activity as the Way to Promote the Level of Professional Pedagogical Mastery of a Teacher of Physical Training 2008.-N4.118
36. Tarasova N.S., Lavrenchuk A.A.Nourishment as a Pledge of Health and Longevity 2008.-N4.120
37. Tkachenko S.V., Litovchenko G.O., Sharyj V.P., Kuxmenko M.G., Kharchenko G.M.Methods of Development of Men-Poliatlonist's Strength 2008.-N4.123
38. Usichenko V.V.The Technology of High-Qualified Bodybuilders Preparation for the Training Activity 2008.-N4.126
39. Fedorova O.V., Ivanenko N.V.The Definition of Indexes of Extraversion or Introversion Neurotism at Sportsmen of Different Kinds of Sport 2008.-N4.129
40. Choryakov V.A., Mosenz V.A., Romanenko L.P., Romanenko V.A.The Reactivity of the Oxygen Transporting System in Students to Playing Loading 2008.-N4.131
41. Hripko L.V.Meaningfulness of Independent Employments by Physical Exercises in Forming Healthy Method of Life 2008.-N4.133
42. Schelkunov А.A.Influence of Physical Preparedness of Schoolboys on Effectiveness in at Sprinter Run 2008.-N4.135
43. Szwarc A. AModel Of Offensive and Defensive Actions in the Women's Soccer 2008.-N4.138

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