CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2009, vol.7

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Anikieiev Y.V.Rationale for relevance of psychological training athletes in intellectual sports. 2009.-N7.3
2. Afanasyev V.V., Shishac'ka V.I., Scherbachenko V.K.Development of endurance of Technical Lyceum pupils 2009.-N7.6
3. Afanasyev V.V., Shishac'ka V.I., Scherbachenko V.K.Development of power of Technical Lyceum pupils. 2009.-N7.10
4. Babenko V.G., Vovnianko A.V.Psychological readiness of the personnel of the bodies of Internal Affairs for applying the mass-gabarit models of pistols at lessons in special physical training 2009.-N7.13
5. Baka R.Functional state of respiratory system and system responsible for providing energy to muscles in college students in a three years' long study period 2009.-N7.16
6. Boyko G.Criteria of definition of a system effectiveness of psychology-pedagogical support of sports activity of sportsmen-disables 2009.-N7.22
7. Boychuk Yu.D.Competence approach of forming ecological and valeological culture of future teacher 2009.-N7.26
8. Verbludov I.B.The methods of collective psychotherapy in the independent exercise training and recreational facilities by future teachers 2009.-N7.30
9. Vovkanych A.S.Change of indexes the mental capacity of children of midchildhood under influence of vegetable aromatizers 2009.-N7.33
10. Gagara V.F., Shevchenko Y.A.Physical rehabilitation of patients with focal pneumonia in the hospital 2009.-N7.37
11. Gagara V.F., Bugaevsky K.A.Physical rehabilitation of females after gynecologic surgery 2009.-N7.39
12. Ganchar A.I.Features of dynamics of gender differences of swimmers results on the Summer Championship of Belorussia, Minsk - 2008 2009.-N7.42
13. Dmitriev S.V.Paradoxes of biomechanical simulation - new concepts or new realities? 2009.-N7.47
14. Draganova O., Baryshok T.Physical rehabilitation of patients after stroke on the late stage of renewal 2009.-N7.55
15. Zavalevska O.V.The usage of interactive methods in education as one of pedagogical requirements of the professional self-consciousness formation of future specialists 2009.-N7.58
16. Zakharina E.The analysis of Classic Private University student's physical health 2009.-N7.61
17. Kaidalova L.G., Schokina N.B.The ways of activization the teaching and educational activity of undergraduates in the branch of "Pedagogic of the high school" during lecture teaching 2009.-N7.64
18. Kalmykova Y.Study of peculiarity of psychological status for patient by infiltrative tuberculosis of lunges 2009.-N7.67
19. Kovalevskaya O.L.Analysis of efficacy of technical and tactical actions in an offence of the qualified volleyball players 2009.-N7.74
20. Kompaniets Y.A.Philosophy of physical education or physical education of philosophy? 2009.-N7.77
21. Korobejnikov G., Radchenko J.Features of technical readiness of fighters of the Greco-Roman style of high qualification 2009.-N7.81
22. Kotsan I.Ya., Kozachuk N.O., Kutriy L.V.Spatial synchronization of theta-activity, related to the originality of the execution of a divergent task 2009.-N7.85
23. Kriventsova I.V. The development of physical education in pedagogical university 2009.-N7.88
24. Lisyak V.M.Study of valuable orientations to exercises by physical exercises during physical training of students of higher educational institutions 2009.-N7.92
25. Lifentsev S.M.Psychological and pedagogical terms of forming motifs of educational-cognitive activity of students 2009.-N7.95
26. Lysenko I.A.Social - pedagogical aspects of management of the personnel in sports organization 2009.-N7.100
27. Lyach-Porodko A.The organization and the realization of the general socolsk rallies and their influence on the socolsk movement's development 2009.-N7.104
28. Man'ko I.N.Development of force at students of sports high schools on exercises on power preparation (on an instance of powerlifting) 2009.-N7.113
29. Mykhaylov V., Mykhaylov V. Mathematical modeling of 100 m run norms within different commissioned officers' age-groups 2009.-N7.121
30. Nesterova A.V.Financial and material support of development of child-youthful sports in Ukraine 2009.-N7.125
31. Nizhnichenko D.O.Intercommunication between the indexes of morphological, functional, speed-power and special preparedness of powerlifters on the stage of previous base preparation 2009.-N7.128
32. Ovcharuk I.S.Optimization system of physical preparation elements characteristics of future specialists on liquidation of consequences of extraordinary situations 2009.-N7.134
33. Odinets T.E.Assessment of change of parameters of power supply of women after the radical mastectomy on procedure S.A. Dushanin 2009.-N7.140
34. Osadcha K.P.Designing of process of formation professional competence of the future teachers of information science 2009.-N7.143
35. Panov S.F.Forming of manager interpretors self-dependancy in the process of professional training 2009.-N7.147
36. Pomazan-Sapochikova O.V.Application of elements of the Thai massage at the correction of scoliotic carriage 2009.-N7.152
37. Ponomarenko O.P., Omelyanenko A.I., Omelyanenko G.A.The features of recovery of the locomotor function of thoracocervical part of chine by the methods of physical rehabilitation 2009.-N7.154
38. Popichev M.I.Functional state of Albuminum of Serum of a blood and haemoglobin at sportsmen - volleyball players of different qualification 2009.-N7.157
39. Poproshaev O.V., Chumakov O.V.Results of implement questionnaire guiding specialists of Ukraine about selection and preparing water polo players of different age and qualification 2009.-N7.160
40. Prikhoda I.V., Nechaeva O.V., Nechaev N.A.Correction acid-alkaline balance in treatment of patients with acute poisonings 2009.-N7.163
41. Sigal N.S., Tregub V.V, Kizym P.N., Kochina N.V.Prospecting of psychological compatibility of sports dancing pairs on personality features by means of linear discriminative functions 2009.-N7.166
42. Smirnova N., Chernenko E., Gordeichenko O.The influence of flexibilite in children of 6-7 years old 2009.-N7.170
43. Sokolenko V.L., Sokolenko S.V., Shved N.V.Analysis of indexes of cellular immunity, as criterion of estimation of adequacy of the got loadings on employments by physical education in Institute of higher 2009.-N7.172
44. Stasyuk R.N.Determination athletic-sporting interests, state of health and progress of students 2009.-N7.175
45. Sybil M.G., Svysch Y.S.State of energy providing systems of athletes - sprinters in the conditions of artificial hypoxia 2009.-N7.178
46. Usichenko V.The analysis of estimation methods of sportsmen's body componental structure 2009.-N7.183
47. Khandoga Y. V., Khandoga V. I.Improvement prospects of the quality of the physical training curriculum for university students 2009.-N7.187
48. Cyupak L.Establishment of interdependence between indexes of external and internal loadings on organism of students with the use of distance control 2009.-N7.190
49. Chorna T.V.Influence of motive activity, socio-economic, ecological, psychological factors on the state of health of pupils and students 2009.-N7.194
50. Sczepanik E., Bazhenkov E., Tkaczuk V.Development of competent management 2009.-N7.197
51. Yukhymuk V.The knowledge formation of olympic subject is an important condition of increasing of interest to physical culture 2009.-N7.205
52. Kopanski R., Kopanski D., Pryimakov A.Review of the methods and burn-in systems in pressing of barbell lying down 2009.-N7.209
53. Migala M.The role and meaning of activities performed by upper silesian gentry families aiming at popularization of health resort treatment in silesia in the 19th century and in the first half of the 20th century 2009.-N7.226
54. Mleczko E., Sudol G., Mirek W., Jaszczanin J.According to the researches of training conditions of the polish walker 2009.-N7.228
55. Wang Xinna.The use of gray system theory "Analysis of the advantages" of Ukraine and the world men's decathlon results comparative study 2009.-N7.231

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.