CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2009, vol.12

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1. Areshina U.B.Maintenance of the programs of home rehabilitation for the children of 4-7 years old, patients on a recurrent bronchitis 2009.-N12.4
2. Baka R.The structure and criteria of physical preparation of students to the course of three years' long studiers in the college 2009.-N12.8
3. Bilokopitova G.A., Dyachuk A.M.Projecting the abilities to manifestation the according to the data of finger dermatogliphics in callisthenic 2009.-N12.12
4. Belyaeva P.V.Integrated overall system of an estimation of effect of exercises by aerobics on an organism of students 2009.-N12.15
5. Boichuk I.D.Scientific-theoretical fundamentals of professional training of the future experts in college 2009.-N12.18
6. Vasil'eva S.A.Fundamentals of organization of scientific exploratory activity of pupils in a general educational educational institution 2009.-N12.22
7. Visitey N.N., Kachurovs'kiy D.O.Sport of high performance and its social and cultural mission in the new circumstances of society development 2009.-N12.27
8. Vykhliaev Y.N.Methods of using of technical means in realization healthy lessons for blind pupils in athletics hall 2009.-N12.32
9. Volkov V.L.Features of creation of frame of physical preparation of the students of a female on the initial stage of training in higher educational institutions of various locales of Ukraine 2009.-N12.35
10. Volkov V.L.The technology of planning selective sizes of exercise stresses, directional on development of physical abilities of the students of a female of a pedagogical speciality 2009.-N12.39
11. Gavrulyk A.P.Features of "O'clock of physical culture" in the groups of the prolonged day taking into account the dynamics capacity students of junior school age 2009.-N12.44
12. Gorshova I.V., Furman Y.M.The adaptation of adults to the unfavourable meteorological situations with the help of using physical loads with different directions 2009.-N12.48
13. Elbrekht O.M.The importance of pedagogical knowledge for future specialists professional training at institution of higher education 2009.-N12.51
14. Yermolayeva T.N.The history of origin and the tendency of development of softball 2009.-N12.55
15. Iefimenko P.B., Kanishcheva O.P. Introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process of discipline "Massage" at training of specialists of a physical rehabilitation 2009.-N12.58
16. Yefimova V.M., Georgiadi A.A.Health Promotion's component of professional training of future specialists 2009.-N12.61
17. Efremenko A.Effects of the isolated influence means of training directed on stirring up "sharp" hypoxias stimulus reactions in recovery in modern pentathlon 2009.-N12.65
18. Zhukotynsky K.K.The making formings of students' physical culture in out-of-school educational establishments 2009.-N12.70
19. Kanishcheva O.P.Monitoring of the state of health of students with the different level of physical preparedness 2009.-N12.73
20. Kasianenko O.G.Map of cultural features and premises of rise of Olympic plays in ancient Greece 2009.-N12.77
21. Kizim M.V.Multicultural preparation of teachers in the system of post-diploma pedagogical education (in-plant training) 2009.-N12.80
22. Klopov R.V.Information technologies in USA higher education 2009.-N12.84
23. Kozhevnikova L.K., Beregna T.I., Misenko V.V.Psychological education of girls-boxers 2009.-N12.87
24. Kozlova .K.Categories of competitions and their rating description in the conditions of professionalization of track-and-field 2009.-N12.90
25. Koriagin V.., Blavt .Z., Tsiovh L..Students hydrophobia, which are stated swimming, and the methods of it overcoming 2009.-N12.95
26. Kotelevsky V.I.Complex physical rehabilitation of vertebral-visceral syndroms lower thoracic and upper lumbar departments of a vertebral column 2009.-N12.100
27. Kravchuk T.M., Sanzharova N.M.The contents and forms of music-rhythmic preparing of the future teachers of physical culture 2009.-N12.103
28. Kriventsova I.V.The means of fencing in physical education of pedagogical universities students 2009.-N12.106
29. Kurtova G.U.The model of future physical training teachers biomechanical knowledge forming 2009.-N12.110
30. Lavrent'ev A.N.Forming of functional preparedness of workers of operative subsections of law enforcement authorities of Ukraine 2009.-N12.113
31. Lazurenko S.I., Kucherenko N.M.Forming psychomotoric's capabilities for students in the playing types of sport 2009.-N12.117
32. Malyar E.I., Budnyy V.E.Professional-applied physical preparation of students in the system of higher vocational education 2009.-N12.120
33. Mikhalyuk E.L., Syvolap V.V., Tkalich I.V., Chechel N.M.Central hemodynamics, variability, cardiac rhythm and physical capacity for the sportsmen of high class, developing physical qualities of quickness and force 2009.-N12.123
34. Nesterova T.V., Shevchuk I.A.Preconditions of techniques optimization of subject's throws and catching taking into account the interfaced development of flexibility of humeral joints in rhythmic gymnastics 2009.-N12.126
35. Nikiforova S. A.The using of training technologies in the preparation of physical training teachers 2009.-N12.130
36. Ognystyy A.V., Biryukov A.V.Student sport in the conditions of Bologna declaration is problems and prospects 2009.-N12.132
37. Odnoletok T. V.The personal method of approach in preparing the teachers of physical education during the teaching practice 2009.-N12.136
38. Omelyanenko V.G.Forming of health of saving competence of future teacher of physical culture 2009.-N12.139
39. Pavlenko I.O.Historical experience of complex planning of sports and scientific activity 2009.-N12.143
40. Pryimakov A.A., Shegolkov A.N., Jaszczanin Jan, Pryimakov E.A.Integrated evaluation methods predisposition neuromuscular system of the athletes to loads of various nature 2009.-N12.148
41. Rovniy A.S., Golenkova Y.V.The study to efficiency of the self-regulation use in management psychic function in practical activity of the teachers of the physical culture 2009.-N12.153
42. Riabchenko V.G.State and interaction of somatic and movable development of girls at the age of 7 to 8 2009.-N12.157
43. Ryadinskaya I.A., Sanzharov V.A.Summer teaching practice as a means of training future teachers of physical culture to health-improving work with pupils (50-70-ies of XX century) 2009.-N12.160
44. Saenko V.G., Teplyi V.M.Parity of volumes of training loadings in preparation young taekwondo athletes 2009.-N12.163
45. Sidorova T.V.An estimation of physical preparedness of students is 1-2 years 2009.-N12.166
46. Sinigovets V.I.The use of information technologies in physical education of children, teenagers and student young people with violations of carriage 2009.-N12.169
47. Sycov S.A.Physical activity as a factor of health strengthening and increasing workability of students 2009.-N12.173
48. Skavronskiy O.P.Effect of the different contents of physical preparation on parameters of a physical condition of pupils of military liceum 2009.-N12.176
49. Skiba O.O.Physiological mechanisms of perfection of aerobic and anaerobic productivity organisms of ski-racers 2009.-N12.180
50. Stepanenko V.M.The peculiarities of formation effective execution of protective tactical actions of the young's footballers 14 years old 2009.-N12.183
51. Tkachov S.I.Ideals and ways of education of citizen in the context of the European idea: historical pedagogical aspect 2009.-N12.187
52. Khoroshukha M.F.A sense of psycho-physiological selection in the system of complex selection of young sportsmen aged 13-16, which are specializing in the acyclical kinds of sport 2009.-N12.190
53. Shapran O.I., Shapran Y.P.Project and training technologies: essence, types and experience of their usage in the higher school 2009.-N12.193
54. Jagiello W., Wolowicz Ja.Body composition in junior Polish representatives in judo 2009.-N12.196
55. Yadviga Yu.P., Korobeinikov G.V., Petrov G.S., Koval' S.B., Dudnik O.K.Influence of motive activity on the psychological emotional consisting of students of institute of higher of economic specialities of modern terms of teaching 2009.-N12.202
56. Boloban W., Skowron Ja., Tereszczenko I., Zdzieszynski A.Analysis of factors of the stable landings at dismounts from gymnastic shells and supporting jumps 2009.-N12.205
57. Boraczynski T., Zaporozhanov V.A.Structure of kinesthetic differentiation in selected joints in soccer players (pedagogic aspects) 2009.-N12.221
58. Giovanis V.Systematics and correction of skiing technique errors in beginners based on biomechanical analysis 2009.-N12.226
59. Prusik K., Zaporozhanov V., Gorner K., Prusik K.A status of physical activity life style academy students physical education and sport in Gdansk 2009.-N12.229

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.