students, adapted, test, Ruffier


Purpose: to check up experimentally adapted test for assessment of heart workability of students with heath problems. Material: in the research girl students and boy students of 18-20 years age (n=487) participated. The procedure of test was as follows: during 45 seconds students fulfilled torso rising from lying on back position. During this procedure pulse was measured three times. Total time of test fulfillment was 2 minutes. For working out the scale for the received results’ interpretation we assessed new version of Ruffier’s test for validity. For this purpose 487 absolutely healthy tested students fulfilled, first, adapted test. Then, after complete recreation (in 20 minutes) they fulfilled commonly accepted test with squatting. Results: it was found that with the help of adapted test it is possible to objectively assess heart workability of students. Correlation analysis of the received results showed average correlation (r=0.73). Conclusions: application of adapted Ruffier’s test permits to assess heart workability of students with health problems.


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