CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2009, vol.1

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1. Afanasyev V.V., Martinov Y.A., Shishac'ka V.I., Scherbachenko V.K.The Hypokinesia in Higher Educational Institutions 2009.-N1.3
2. Afanasyev V.V., Scherbachenko V.K.The Estimation of Students' Physical Condition of NTUU "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" Tabletennis Educational Unit 2009.-N1.5
3. Afanasyev V.V., Burlaka I.V., Tolmachova S.E., Scherbachenko V.K.Physical Culture on Work Place 2009.-N1.7
4. Afanasyev V.V., Scherbachenko V.K.Constitution Of Tabletennis Educational Unit Students 2009.-N1.10
5. Aghyppo A.U.Some Administrative Approaches of Realization Individualized Teaching of Students 2009.-N1.12
6. Babich V.I., Nechaeva O.V.The Adaptation of Pedagogic Practice of Global Way of Professional Working of Future Teachers in Formation Culture Health Pupils 2009.-N1.15
7. Bashkin I.N., Makarova E.V., Kovalenchenko V.F.The Modern Line of Physical Rehabilitation of Persons with Сerebral Palsy 2009.-N1.17
8. Bezemchuk L.V."Didactic Map" as a Means of Formation of Creative Skills of Teenagers 2009.-N1.20
9. Bogdanovskaya N.V., Malikov N.V., Svyatoduh A.N., Kuznectov A.A., Popov S.N.Features of Vascular Reactions at Sportsmen and Sportswomen 18-20 Years on Different Stages of Training and Competition Processes 2009.-N1.25
10. Bulgakov D."Playing" Essence of Man and Applied and Compensated Functions of Sporting Single Combats 2009.-N1.28
11. Val'damirova O.P., Chehova V.E., Adamenko N.M.Interrelation Between Emotions and Work of an Internals of Children 2009.-N1.32
12. Vorfolomeyeva I.V.Grigoriy Skovoroda's Phylosophy in Determination of Pedagogical Reflexion 2009.-N1.36
13. Gabelkova O.E.Exhibiting of Factors of the Stress in Different Kinds of Sports 2009.-N1.38
14. Galdina V.V., Tregub V.V., Shtih V.A.Forming of Motivation in Sport at Young Gymnasts on the Stage of Deep Specialization 2009.-N1.42
15. Gonchar O. V.Pedagogical Interaction as Pedagogical Art 2009.-N1.47
16. Gorbulya V.B., Bessarabov N.C., Gorbulya V.A.Dynamics of Preparedness of Students of Faculty of Physical Education in an Educational Process on Basket-Ball 2009.-N1.50
17. Grigus I.M.Increase of Physical Health Level for Patients With Easy Persistent Bronchial Asthma 2009.-N1.54
18. Davydova Z.V.Critical Thinking as the Means of Student Youth Spiritual-Value Orientations Formation: Problem Actuality Grounding 2009.-N1.59
19. Dovbysh V.I., Baranets P.A.Improvement of Coordinational Skils in Initial Stage of the Education to Volleyball 2009.-N1.62
20. Zuoziene I. J., Skyriene V.Search for Factors Conditioning Efficiency of Swim Starting 2009.-N1.64
21. Ionova O.M., Luk'yanova J.S.Human Health Preservation as Phycho-Pedagogical Problem 2009.-N1.69
22. Kaidalova L.G.Professional Competence and Image of the Modern Teacher. 2009.-N1.72
23. Kashuba V.A., Ivchatova T.V., Habinets T.A.Technology of Correction Body Build of Women with the Count of Personalities of Geometry of Masses of Their Body 2009.-N1.75
24. Klochko L.I.Main Physical Quality Athlete, which Concern with on Marathon Distance Running 2009.-N1.79
25. Koval' V.Y.Features of Interpersonal Attitudes in Student's Collective 2009.-N1.82
26. Kozina Z.L., Chorniy Y.P., Polishuk S.B.Influence Of Development Of Psychological-Physiological Capabilities on Quality of Game in Defence of Volley-Ballers of High Class 2009.-N1.85
27. Koshtur Y.E.Features of Skills of Self-Service of Mentally Retarded Teenagers 2009.-N1.90
28. Kucherov I.S.Neurobiological Educational Conception 2009.-N1.93
29. Lavrent'ev O.M.Professional Training of Workers of Operative Subitems of Law Enforcement Bodies of Ukraine 2009.-N1.97
30. Lyapin V.P., Yakovleva K.V.Features of Social Psychological Prophylactics Ecological Deviant Activities Among Student's Youth 2009.-N1.100
31. Osovaya O.O.Contribution of Native Teachers of the Second Half of the ХІХ-th Century to the Working Out of the Teacher's Problem 2009.-N1.103
32. Pristupa E.N., Briskin Y.A., Lynets M.M., Aleksandrov V.F.Climatic and Geographical Conditions of Organization the Preparation Sportsmen to London Olympic Games in the Lviv Region (London, 2012) 2009.-N1.105
33. Prikhoda I.V., Nechaeva O.V., Tereshenko M.M.The Role of Diet in Development of Arterial Hypertension 2009.-N1.109
34. Radchenko A.V.The Modern Educational Direction "Health of the Person": Problems and Perspectives 2009.-N1.112
35. Radchenko Ju.Interrelation Between Mental Physiological Functions and Time of Performance of Technical Actions at Highly Skilled Fighters 2009.-N1.114
36. Romanenko V.A., Choryakov V.A., Mosenz V.A.The Moving Gifts Measuring and Estimation in Line with Metrology and Muscular Activity Physiology 2009.-N1.118
37. Semenova А.V.Essence of Introduction of the Experimental System of Paradigmatic Modelling of Professional Preparation of Future Teachers is Exposed in this Article 2009.-N1.122
38. Sigal N.S., Aleksandrov Y.V., Voronova Yu.V.Individual Psychological Peculiarities of Sportsmen in Active Kinds of Sport Under Stress 2009.-N1.125
39. Skyriene V., Zuoziene I. J.Analyse the Changes Indicators of Europe Elite Swimmers in a Distance of 200 M. Individual Medley 2009.-N1.131
40. Sobko S.G.Physical Training of the Person of the Student Through the Prism of Humanistic Paradigm of Education 2009.-N1.135
41. Khalaydzhi S.V.Professionally Applied Physical Education of Students Studying at Energetic Specialties to the Work in Power- Engineering Complex 2009.-N1.139
42. Chopyk R. V.The Characteristic of Methods of Trainings Basketball Technique Within the Pupils of Junior School With the use of Reference Points and Adapted Sport Equipment 2009.-N1.142
43. Shcherbina V.K.The Issue of Personally-Professional Development in the System of Specialized Training of a Future Economics Teacher 2009.-N1.145
44. Yashna O.P.Question of Socializations Children by Means of Adaptive Physical Culture in Centres of Social Rehabilitations 2009.-N1.148
45. Wnorowski K.Expert Assessment of Qualified Games and Achievements in Small Games of Young Women Volleyball Players 2009.-N1.152

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