CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2009, vol.4

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1. Agapov D.V. , Syshko D.V.Singularities of Forming of Coordination Abilities and Technical Tactical Performances at Juvenile Baseball Players 2009.-N4.3
2. Afanasyev V.V., Grishko L.G., Pelipejko O.P., Scherbachenko V.K.Anthropometric Parameters of Students of Abjointing of Table Tennis 2009.-N4.6
3. Balamutova N.M., Polozhiy V.M., Kyselev L.F.Pedagogical Control Current Physical Condition of Students by Neuromuscular System's Research Results 2009.-N4.11
4. Blyznyuk S.Historical Stages of the Science Education Reforming at Great Britain at the End of the XX Century at the Beginning of the ղ Century 2009.-N4.14
5. Bozhik M.V.Professional and Personal Qualities of Teachers in Subjects and Features of their Formation by Means of Professional Applied Physical Preparation 2009.-N4.17
6. Bregnev A.M., Zezyulin V.T., Bregnev T.A., Zezyulin S.V.Definition Method of Technically Equal Players in a Command of Professional Volleyball 2009.-N4.20
7. Vasylchuk A.H.Formation Of the Technological Circuit of the Third Technological Level - Technology of Competitions on Football 2009.-N4.24
8. Guo Penchen.The Terms of Realization Power Component of the Special Endurance in the Training Process Rowers on a Canoe. 2009.-N4.27
9. Gribok N.N.The Essential Characteristic of the Health Culture Students of Special Medical Group 2009.-N4.32
10. Gulbany R.S., Gonchar S.N.Physical Rehabilitation at the Fatigue of Sportsmen-Footballers. 2009.-N4.35
11. Doljko F.N., Skripchenko I.T., Shyp N.E., Lido A.S.The Problems of Development of Orientation-Sportsmen's Technical 2009.-N4.38
12. Kaidalova L.G., Alehina N.V.Psychologic and Social Competence of the Future Experts 2009.-N4.40
13. Kalmkova Y.S.Influence of Medical Physical Culture on the Indexes of the Functional State of the Respiratory System for Patients by a Infiltrative White Plague 2009.-N4.43
14. Kamaev O.I., Krivencov A.L.Theoretical And Methodical Base of Individualization of Sport Training of Young Skiers 2009.-N4.47
15. Klopov R.V.Information Technologies In Professional Training Of Future Specialists In Physical Education And Sports In European Union 2009.-N4.50
16. Krasyuk F.M., Lobach O.V., Afanasyev V.V., Shishac'ka V.I., Scherbachenko V.K.Development of Speed of Technical Lyceum Pupils 2009.-N4.55
17. Kriventsova I.V.Conceptions of Physical Culture of Future Pedagogues 2009.-N4.58
18. Kudrasova T.I., Konova L.A.Pedagogical Bases of the Professionally-Applied Physical Preparation of Students of Technical Institutes of Higher 2009.-N4.62
19. Lukavenko H.G, Korchevskaya O.G.Improvement General States and Pictures of Health Wiman of the Average Age under Systematic by Physical Exercises 2009.-N4.65
20. Loutsenco L.S., Zinchenko I.A.Test Tasks on Specially - Motorial and Physical Readiness of Sportsmen in Cheerleading at the Stage of Specialized Base Preparation 2009.-N4.68
21. Malyar N.S.About Necessity of Preventive Physical Training of Children of the Higher Preschool Age 2009.-N4.72
22. Mykytyuk O.Problems of Formation Health Saving Competence of Teachers of Conditions of Teaching and Educational Process 2009.-N4.76
23. Minenok A.O.The Ways of Educational Reformation in the Field of Physical Culture and Sport 2009.-N4.79
24. Mirnaya A.V., Shelest L.A., Malikov N.V., Bogdanovskya N.V.Dynamics of the Indices of the Blood System of the Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis During the Process of the Rehabilitation Course of Karate 2009.-N4.82
25. Moroz L.V. The Usage of Play-Dramas in the Correctional Work with Junior Children with the Cerebral Palsy 2009.-N4.86
26. Moskal'ova L.Y.Simulation of Educational Programs in Higher Educational Establishments 2009.-N4.89
27. Odinets T.E.Features of Agency of the Hydrokinesitherapy on Function of External Respiration of Women after the Radical Mastectomy 2009.-N4.93
28. Osadcha K.P.Problems of Preparation of Teachers of Information Science in Works of Foreign Scientists 2009.-N4.96
29. Popichev M.I., Nosov U.A.Techniques of Jogging for Students and Technique of an Adaptation of an Organism to the Set Loading 2009.-N4.100
30. Prikhoda I.V.The Efficacy and Security of the Combination Therapy of Meloxicam and Dipiridamol on Treatment in Patients with Primary Osteoartrosis 2009.-N4.103
31. Segeda N.A.The Content of the Creative-Acmeological Approach to the Teacher's Professional Development 2009.-N4.106
32. Sereda I.O.Creative Abilities of the Person: Definition, Nature, Frame 2009.-N4.110
33. Skaliy T.V., Kozerets'kiy V.T.Directions of Perfecting Efficacy of a Play in Protection of Highly Skilled Handballers. 2009.-N4.113
34. Skripchenko I.T., Kozina Z.L.Development of Exactness of Perception of Distance is in a Sporting Orientation 2009.-N4.117
35. Skripchenko I.T.Teaching of Orientrings to the Technic-Tactically Element the Stage of Initial Preparation 2009.-N4.121
36. Souricov V.E., Belyaev V.P., Borisov E.V.Application of Computer Technologies in Educational and Research Work of Students of Sporting Institute 2009.-N4.126
37. Sushchenko L.P.The Model of the Professional Self-Perfection of Future Specialist Personality in the Field "Sport for All" 2009.-N4.129
38. Fedorchak S.M., Kozhevnikova L.K., Vankova A.U.Physical Rehabilitation of Young Schoolchildren with Functional Disability of Sex 2009.-N4.132
39. Tsys' D.I.Professional Development as One of the Methods of Occupational Training Improvement for Physical Training Teachers 2009.-N4.137
40. Schelkunov D.A., Nazarov .V.Dynamics Indexes of Physical Preparedness of Workers of the Different Level of Bodily Condition 2009.-N4.139
41. Schelkunov D.A., Dmitruk V..Comparison Description of Indexes of Physical Development and Physical Preparedness for the Senior Pupils Of Different Types of Educational Establishments 2009.-N4.142
42. Shemuda M.H.Professional Teacher's Preparation to the Work with Gifted Pupils 2009.-N4.146
43. Jagiello W., Kruszewski A.Somatic Aspects of Sports Mastery of Polish National Team Representatives in Greco-Roman Wrestling 2009.-N4.150
44. Cieszczyk P., Maciejewska A., Sawczuk M., Krupecki K., Radzijewski P.Genetic Research in Sport - a Historical Review 2009.-N4.154
45. Szczepanik E.Some Aspects of Preparation of Experts of Physical Training in Poland 2009.-N4.158

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