CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2009, vol.11

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Afanasyev V.V., Scherbachenko V.K.Ideomotor training in tabletennis 2009.-N11.3
2. Butenko Т.О.Active methods of teaching communicative competence of students forming 2009.-N11.6
3. Vykhliaev Y.M.Methods of use orthopedic inner sole for correction of deformathions of foot 2009.-N11.9
4. Voenchuk M.N.The content and peculiarities of pedagogical activity of "Poltava society of assisting to children's physical education" (the end of XIX - beginning of XX century) 2009.-N11.12
5. Gonchar O.V.The development contradictions of the pedagogical interaction of students and teachers in the educational space of the second part of the XX century 2009.-N11.15
6. Doroshenko E.Y.Pre-conditions of forming control system by technical-tactical activity in the team sporting games and optimization of its separate factors 2009.-N11.20
7. Iermakova T.S.The basic directions of forming healthy way of life of schoolchildren in teaching and educational process 2009.-N11.27
8. Zhelezniy A.D.Physical rehabilitation ill with aftereffects of diaphyseal fractures of bones of anticnemions in a regenerative period 2009.-N11.32
9. Zhukotinskiy K.K.Moral inclinings as constituting shaping of physical training of pupils 2009.-N11.36
10. Zanevskyy I.P., Korostylova Yu.S., Mykhaylov V.V.Bullet flight lateral component imitation on SCATT optoelectronic shooting simulator 2009.-N11.40
11. Kornilova N., Zaharova E.Autogenous training as means of psychological training in close fight 2009.-N11.51
12. Koriagin V.М., Blavt О.Z., Tsiovh L.P.The swimming as a method of rehabilitation students` with respiratory system which studies at special medical groups 2009.-N11.54
13. Kurtova G.U.Biomechanical knowledge in professional preparation of future physical training teachers 2009.-N11.60
14. Lykanskiy V.V., Matsejko I.I.The restoration of movement of articulatio talocruralis after fracture and surgical interfere 2009.-N11.63
15. Morgunov A.A., Sagaydak S.N., Dorofeeva T.I.Influence of operative correction on technical tactical actions at kickboxer 2009.-N11.66
16. Mudryk I. P.Intercommunications between indexes in general lines preparatory and specially preparatory exercises of sportsmen from karate-do on the stage of the specialized base preparation 2009.-N11.69
17. Osadchiy V.V.Tools of information technology in the training of future teachers 2009.-N11.72
18. Petrova O.Optimum distant technology of improvement of professional skill of the Ukrainian trainers 2009.-N11.78
19. Porchinskaya K.P., Matseiko I.I., Sheremet'eva Y.V.The article is devoled to a problem of physical rehabilitation of sportsmen after damage of knee joint 2009.-N11.83
20. Prima R.M.A problem of adaptability of a future teacher in the context of his professionalisation 2009.-N11.87
21. Rybalko L.S.The method of preparation and realization of professional and pedagogical self-actualization experiment on the acme base 2009.-N11.90
22. Romanchuk A. P., Beseda V.V.Massaging atheleticses as one of the forms of the physical education early baby age 2009.-N11.94
23. Salamakha O.Y.Optimisation of heart-vascular system status by means of taekwond 2009.-N11.97
24. Sergienko K. N., Storozhik A. I.Using of multimedia in the process of physical education of the children in school 2009.-N11.101
25. Sinigivec I.V., Sergienko K.M., Stroganov S.V.Psychological compatibility of qualified volleyball players research 2009.-N11.104
26. Stepanec I.O.Peculiarity of the social and pedagogical work with the children having special needs (foreing experience) 2009.-N11.107
27. Stetsenko A.I., Pylypko V.F., Wan Xinna.General foundtions of children and junior powerlifting 2009.-N11.110
28. Syshko D.Description of electric processes of heart at boxers in the conditions of vestibular irritations 2009.-N11.114
29. Теlеb'ey S.M.About possibility of study of junior schoolchildren interests in physical educational employments 2009.-N11..118
30. Tereshenko M.M., Prikhoda I.V.The role of physiotherapeutic treatment in system of complex rehabilitation of patients with ischemic heart disease 2009.-N11.121
31. Tolkachova A.Specific of formed communicative competition pupil of boarding school for children of orphans and children who don't get parents care 2009.-N11.125
32. Khoroshukha M.F.Using the method of manual therapy in strengthening young sportsmen's health 2009.-N11.128
33. Chernyavskyy M.V.Optimization of physical education of junior schoolboys by facilities of recreation 2009.-N11.132
34. Sharov S.V.Design of didactics terms of organization of the differentiated independent educational activity of students of pedagogical university 2009.-N11.135
35. Shahnenko V.I.Prevention of deficiency of connections of calcium and iron at pupils of a comprehensive school as a social - pedagogical problem 2009.-N11.139
36. Shevchenko Y.M., Dubyaga S.N.Physicаl development of upper preschool-age children as a pedagogical problem 2009.-N11.143
37. Shlenskaya O.L.The analysis of executing of power submission in a leap in system of a play of competent volleyball players 2009.-N11.147
38. Scherbachenko V.K., Afanasyev V.V.Physical development of high school students in free time 2009.-N11.151
39. Jagello M., Jagello W.Constitutional aspects of sports mastery in modern pentathlon 2009.-N11.154
40. Yaroshchuk L.Theoretical principles of development of socialpedagogical technologies 2009.-N11.158
41. Golbik E.The influence of critical pnenomena on the educational process of children and young people. Part one "Factors shaping the educational processes of the transformation period -dangers" 2009.-N11.162
42. Golbik E.The influence of critical pnenomena on the educational process of children and young people. Part II " Domestic factors of forming of process of education of period of transformation " 2009.-N11.165

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.