CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2010, vol.7

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1.Artyushenko A.A.Capability to self-mobilization of individually - psychological possibilities as constituting personal mobility of pupils of a comprehensive school2010.-N7.3
2.Borova T.A.Adaptive management of higher school intellectual capital development2010.-N7.7
3.Vovk L.V.Shaping beside student of the special medical group of the culture sound lifestyle by means of computer technology2010.-N7.12
4.Gavrylova N.V., Furman Y.M.Prospects of application of method endogenously-hypoxic breathing for perfection of functional preparedness of young bicyclists2010.-N7.17
5.Gonchar O.V.Theoretical and methodological foundations of pedagogical interaction of the educational process participants2010.-N7.21
6.Dobrowolska M.V.Medical riding as mean of physical rehabilitation of children with a cerebral paralysis2010.-N7.26
7.Dutchak M.V., Shkrebtiy J.M., Tomashevskyi V.V.System of improvement coacher's professional skill of national teams of Ukraine in Olympic sports2010.-N7.29
8.Evdokimov E.I., Elnikova M.V.Dynamics of lipid metabolism under the physical activity influence2010.-N7.35
9.Korzan T.I.Rise to efficiency of physical preparation of students of higher professional schools2010.-N7.40
10.Kudin A.P., Timoshenko A.V., Volodko I.V., Kozubenko K.A., Misharovskiy R.N., Pitomets A.P.Formation of communicational and informational competence of future professionals of physical education and sport2010.-N7.44
11.Loshits'ka T.I.Biological age and rates of senescence of organism of students2010.-N7.50
12.Malikova A.N.The usage of bloodcirculation system's some indexes at the estimation of efficiency of rehabilitation measures among the workwomen of industrial enterprise 31-35 years2010.-N7.53
13.Mamaeva E.V., Mamaev D.Y.Physical culture and sport as factors of socializations to personality2010.-N7.58
14.Nazarenko A.I.Trends progress of theory and practice of humanizing of postgraduate pedagogical education in Ukraine at the beginning of the XX century2010.-N7.61
15.Naumenko S.A.Psychological pedagogical bases and practical experience of creation of distance course2010.-N7.66
16.Oleynikova K.A.Renewal of functions of lumbar department of spine for judoists facilities of physical rehabilitation2010.-N7.70
17.Opara I.V.Correction of motive violations of junior schoolboys with a cerebral palsy in the conditions of the special school2010.-N7.73
18.Pasichnyk V.M.Remedial physical culture as a component of physical rehabilitation with osteochondrosis of the lumbarsacral spine2010.-N7.76
19.Prikhodko A. I. The maintenance of recreational improving work in summer children's colonies of Ukraine in the end of ХIХ - in beginning ХХ2010.-N7.80
20.Rudina О. М.Problem of the profile teaching to sporting direction in general schools2010.-N7.84
21.Saienko V.G., Gurmazhenko M.О.Comparison of a level of development of physical qualities of women in contact kinds of fighting single combats2010.-N7.88
22.Salamakha O.Y.Functional status of respiratory system of the students engaged in taekwondo2010.-N7.92
23.Samoilov M.G, Titovich A.A.Influence of the psychophysiological states of persons which are engaged in physical exercises, on efficiency of their implementation.2010.-N7.96
24.Sikura A.J.Biorhythmic adaptation of organism in the conditions of exercises2010.-N7.101
25.Skyriene V.Individual analysis the competitive activity indicators of elite swimmer in a distance of 200 m. breaststroke2010.-N7.104
26.Sorokina S.A.Influence of employments physical exercises on age-dependent changes and rates of senescence of organism for women 30-50 years2010.-N7.109
27.Stroganov S.V., Kopeyko I.V.Technology of making healthy and correction of build of men of the first mature age2010.-N7.112
28.Shumakov O.V., Oksiom P.M.The role of self-dependence in modern health improvemental technologies of physical students' education2010.-N7.115
29.Prusik K., Stankiewicz B., Cieslicka M., Ligaj-Stankiewicz L., Prusik K.Work and power in 60 seconds test in the context of lactate acid level in 16-17 years old middle distance runners2010.-N7.119

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.