CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2011, vol.11

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1. Arabadgy T. D.The need for professional self-formation of an athlete 2011.-N11.5
2. Bobrovnik V.I., Krivoruchenko E.V., Kozlova E.K.Perfection of training process of skilled athletes on the stages of long-term preparation 2011.-N11.9
3. Vaskov U.V.Medium of instruction in physical education students 2011.-N11.22
4. Voropay S. M., Guchenko V.I.Using heart rate "Sigma sport 1300" in the operational control of special endurance cyclists of higher discharges (for example, cross-country) 2011.-N11.25
5. Glazunov S. I.The analysis of modern approaches to physical fitness testing of military personnel 2011.-N11.29
6. Gorobey M.P.Problems of harmful habits and dependences of students 2011.-N11.33
7. Horodinskiy S.I., Sluhenska R.V.Physical education: the impact of personality as a teacher in the communicative process and motivation 2011.-N11.37
8. Deminskaya L.A.Analysis of substantive provisions of axiological science in а philosophical and pedagogical aspect 2011.-N11.41
9. Dmitriev S.V.Antropoconstructs of self-conscious and activity 2011.-N11.45
10. Kalenichenko O.V., Kovalenko S.O., Tokar S. I., Harchenko D.N.Features of blood pressure in student-athletes from different directions of the training process 2011.-N11.55
11. Kozina Zh.L., Gorchaniuk Iu.A., Zashchuk S.G.System recovery from athletes in team sports with individual use of medicinal plants 2011.-N11.59
12. Kulthickiy Z.I.The functional state of the neuromuscular system in athletes weightlifting at different types of weather 2011.-N11.65
13. Kurko Ya.V.Features of the physical rehabilitation of athletes after acute respiratory infections 2011.-N11.69
14. Matyas V.V., Mitova E.A.Sequence analysis of learning technical skills of young footballers 2011.-N11.72
15. Mykhaylov V.V., Korostylova Y. S., Mykhaylov V.V.Jogging intensity and duration according to the students' index of physical condition 2011.-N11.77
16. Moh'd Khalil Moh'd Abdel Kader, Nikanorov A.K.The modern view of the physical rehabilitation of damaged medial meniscus in the knee joint in athletes 2011.-N11.82
17. Panchenko G.I.Problems of improvement of preparation of future teacher of physical education to organization and conducting of athletic health and sporting mass work at general school 2011.-N11.86
18. Parish Mokhammad Reza, Nikonorov O.K.Modern aspects of physical rehabilitation after football injuries of the capsule-ligament knee 2011.-N11.91
19. Romanenko V.A., Krainya N.V., Mosenz V.A., Prikhodko V.M.Personal anxiety - the determinant of the anthropometric and functional status of female students 2011.-N11.95
20. Romanenko V.A., Prikhodko V.M., Sokolova V.Yu., Ivanova S.V.Features of vestibular resistance in aggressive and nonaggressive students of humanitarian university 2011.-N11.99
21. Saienko V. G., Michelman S. V.Power of the muscular group's taekwondokas of the different qualification in steady-state mode 2011.-N11.103
22. Serhiyenko L.P., Lyshevska V.M.Problems of genetic diagnosis: serological markers in the prognosis of the development of human speed abilities 2011.-N11.108
23. Stasenko A.A.The development of power quality in primary school children by means of exercises 2011.-N11.113
24. Stetsenko A.I.Theoretical and methodological support of educational process of students-powerlifters using Internet resources 2011.-N11.118
25. Sutula V.A.Human activities to meet the diverse needs in the use of physical exercises - the basis of the mechanism of self-development of physical culture 2011.-N11.124
26. Tolcheva A.V.Assessment of psycho-physiological state of students with the experience of hatha yoga 2011.-N11.128
27. Fandeeva A.Iu.The specialists of physical education on the process of formation physical culture of the individual children of 5-6 years in the non-formal education 2011.-N11.132
28. Khoroshukha M.F.The possibility of using the power-ergometry method while determining the young sportsmen's physical working capacity 2011.-N11.135
29. Shevchenko N.I., Dikalo V.A., Borzenko B.V., Manucharian S.V., Zajcev V.P.Approaches to the comprehensive physical rehabilitation of patients calculous cholecystitis (pre-clinical practice) 2011.-N11.139
30. Giovanis V., Gompakis Th.The characteristics of switzerland's alpine skier's related to the frequency of accidents 2011.-N11.146

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