The citizenship and its relationship with the social responsibility among physical education teachers

Keywords: citizenship, social responsibility, physical education, teachers, middle schools


Purpose: The study aimed to know the level of citizenship and the level of social responsibility among the teachers of physical education and examine the relationship between the citizenship and the social responsibility. Material: The participants were 49 physical educations teachers’ (male) from middle schools. The citizenship and the social responsibility scales were used as search tools. Results: the level of citizenship and social responsibility is high among teachers of physical education, and there is a positive correlation between citizenship and social responsibility. Conclusion: To enrich the results of this study it is better to do other studies in the future, such as a comparative study on citizenship among teachers of physical education in the middle and secondary stage, a study on citizenship and its relationship to cultural and social background.


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Author Biography

M. Kenioua, University of Ouargla; Mostaganem, Algeria


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