The effect of plyometric training on performance levels of the shot put technique and its related motor abilities




shot-put technique, plyometric training, power (explosive force), acceleration speed, strength endurance


Background and Study Aim: The aim of this research is to evaluate the effects of plyometric training on the shot put technique. It was oriented to improve the basics for the development of power related-indicators such as power (explosive force), acceleration speed, and strength endurance. Material and Methods. The study sample included 220 male students, aged 16 years ± 6 months from Fehmi Lladrovci High School, Glogoc municipality, Republic of Kosovo from the 2019/2020 academic year. The experimental group (110 male students) applied a 12-week program (see the training program paragraph). The control group (110 male students) continued only with their regular physical education lessons (2 times a week). To determine the differences between pre- and post-test values of the control and experimental groups ANOVA calculations were made. The development percentage in time (between pre-test and post-test) were calculated using the formula: Δ% = (x post-test – x pre-test) / pre-test *100. Results: Results of the study show that pre- and post-test average values (tests within subjects) of the shot put technique (p<0.05) were statistically different according to measurement over time (interaction; p<0.05), and in tests between the subjects (p<0.05). The shot put technique (Δ%: 50.88) test of the experimental group (plyo-training) had higher developmental percentages compared to (Δ%: 1.69) the control group (p<0.05). When analyzing the developmental percentage, it was observed that the performance of the shot put technique of the experimental group compared the control group 49.2% more developed. Furthermore, the impact of the plyometric training program in motor abilities related to the shot put technique also observed similar improvements in the impact of the shot put technique. Conclusion: In conclusion, the impact of the plyometric training program on motor abilities related to the shot put technique also observed similar results as the training program’s impact on the shot put technique. The applied plyometric training program benefits were not just in the shot put technique but also improved all motor abilities related to the shot put technique such as power, strength endurance, speed and acceleration. Therefore, the development of the shot put technique occurred by an increase in motor abilities related to the shot put technique as a result of the plyometric training program.


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Author Biographies

Agron Thaqi, Tetovo State University; Kinesiology Department, Physical Education and Sport Faculty, Tetovo State University, North Macedonia.

Milaim Berisha, Istanbu Gelisim University; Istanbu Gelisim University

Isa Asllani, Tetovo State University; Kinesiology Department, Physical Education and Sport Faculty, Tetovo State University, North Macedonia.


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