The level of physical activity of university students in Slovakia during COVID - 19 pandemic

Keywords: coronavirus, lifestyle, online communication, exercise, well-being


Background and Study Aim. COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has affected several areas of human and public life. The implementation of the restrictions affects free movement, leading to limited physical activity (PA) level. The main aim of the study was to determine the level of PA of university students in Slovakia during COVID–19 pandemics. Material and Methods. The sample consisted of 3128 university students. Data was obtained from students from three universities with different specializations. A questionnaire about lifestyle with questions about physical activity was used. The questionnaire was distributed using online communication systems of universities. The online questionnaire was answered by 3128 students. Results. Analyzed data were obtained from 3128 students. The results indicate that 38% of all students exercise 3-4 times per week, while 41% exercise 1-2 times per week, and 21% do not exercise at all, or exercise 1-2 times per month. Found weak positive correlation (r=0,337) was between the exercise frequency and perception of well-being, and a very weak positive correlation (r=0,187) between the exercise frequency and stress intensity. A moderate positive correlation was found between the perception of health and life energy (r=0,579). A moderate positive correlation was observed between the perception of health and physical strength (r=0,579). Conclusions. COVID-19 restrictions have been associated with the reduction of physical activity of the students. To avoid the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, it is necessary to promote activity among university students.


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Author Biographies

Dávid Líška, Matej Bel University; Department of Physical Education and Sports, Faculty of Arts, Matej Bel University; Banská Bystrica, Slovakia.
Miroslava Barcalová, Technical University of Košice; Department of Physical Education, Technical University of Košice; Košice, Slovakia.
Erika Liptáková, Technical University of Košice; Department of Applied Mathematics and Business Informatics, Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Košice; Košice, Slovakia.
Ľudmila Jančoková, Matej Bel University; Department of Physical Education and Sports, Faculty of Arts, Matej Bel University; Banská Bystrica, Slovakia.
Ľuboš Vojtaško, Technical University of Košice; Department of Physical Education, Technical University of Košice; Košice, Slovakia.
Daniel Gurín, Slovak Medical University in Bratislava; Faculty of Healthcare based in Banská Bystrica, Slovak Medical University in Bratislava; Bratislava, Slovakia.


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Líška D, Barcalová M, Liptáková E, Jančoková Ľudmila, Vojtaško Ľuboš, Gurín D. The level of physical activity of university students in Slovakia during COVID - 19 pandemic. Pedagogy of Physical Culture and Sports. 2021;25(5):305-12.