Suspension training versus free weight training: effects on explosive power, dynamic balance, and discus throwers performance




TRX training, resistance training, functional training, discus throwing distance, athletics


Background and Study Aim. This paper aims to compare the effects of two types of resistance training programs (suspension training and free weight training) on the explosive power, dynamic balance, and discus throwers performance. Material and Methods. Twenty-four male discus throwers (with an average age: 19.17 ± 0.99 years; body mass: 99.87 ± 3.63 kg; height: 177.23 ± 3.16 cm) were assigned into three groups (eight subjects in each group); suspension training (STG), free weight training (FWTG) and control (CG). For eight weeks, subjects underwent training consisting of three sessions a week. Prior to and after the training period, explosive power, dynamic balance, and discus throwing distance variables were measured. The explosive power was measured using the medicine ball throw (SLJT) and standing long jump (MBTT) tests. The dynamic balance was measured using the Y excursion balance test (YBT). The discus throwing distance was measured according to the IAAF rules (DTT). Results. The results showed that both experimental groups had a significant effect on MBTT, SLJT, and DTT compared to the control group. There was a significant difference in YBT favoring STG when compared to the FWTG and CG, and also, favoring FWTG when compared to CG in the three directions (anterior, posterolateral, and posteromedial). All three groups improved the tests from pre- to post-test. Conclusions. We can conclude that suspension training and free weight training have created almost the same improvements in explosive power. Also, suspension training was more effective than free weight training for improving dynamic balance.


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Author Biographies

Mohamed Megahed, Arish University; Faculty of Physical Education, Arish University; Arish, Egypt.

Zahraa Tarek, Mansoura University; Faculty of Computers and information, Mansoura university; Mansoura, Egypt.


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