CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2009, vol.8

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Aghyppo A.U.Influence of general educational preparation on character of educational work in high school 2009.-N8.3
2. Afanasyev V.V., Scherbachenko V.K.The traumatism of the High schools' students during table tennis lessons 2009.-N8.7
3. Afanasyev V.V., Shishac'ka V.I., Scherbachenko V.K.The testing of 7-11 classes' pupils 2009.-N8.9
4. Afanasyev V.V., Shishac'ka V.I., Scherbachenko V.K.Results of Lyceum pupils' tests 2009.-N8.12
5. Baka R.Somatic indicators for students in dynamics of studying in College 2009.-N8.17
6. Boyarchuk A.M.Influence of the author program on development of physical preparedness of women-servicemen 2009.-N8.21
7. Brodskaya I.Y., Usachov G.O., Kozubey P.S., Zhukov V.O.Correction of level of physical state of women of the first period of mature age by facilities of bodybyldyng 2009.-N8.24
8. Vilugorskii A.Pedagogical forecasting of adaptation of children of early age to conditions of children's establishment 2009.-N8.28
9. Vladimirova O.V.ut into practice of choreographic exercises as rehabilitation means in the modern improvingly-preventive centres 2009.-N8.31
10. Gakman Ann.Description of development of recreation in Ukraine 2009.-N8.34
11. Gladoschuk A.G.Mental health of student's youth as the modern valeological problem 2009.-N8.37
12. Gluschenko N.V., Dobrodub E.Z.Features of acclimatization of motorial readiness of students to conditioning swimming 2009.-N8.41
13. Goncharenko M.S., Timchenko A.M.The peculiarities of functionality station of pupils organism depending on their age and chronotypes with help by complex appraisal of functionality station by organism 2009.-N8.44
14. Datsenko A.V.Rehabilitation of patients with a stenocardia: application of respiratory gymnastics of O.Strelnikovoj in conditions of family 2009.-N8.49
15. Drozd I.V.Aspects of preparation of teachers of initial classes to health-sporting work with junior schoolboys 2009.-N8.52
16. Zhuleva S.I.Theoretical-methodological aspects of conduct primary prophylaxis of diseases on HIV - infection 2009.-N8.54
17. Zaykyn A.V.Realization of model of preparation of the future teachers of physical training to education of a healthy way of life of junior schoolboys on the basis of the gender approach 2009.-N8.57
18. Zlepko S.., Azarkhov .U., Dudatieva N..Features of application of preventive rehabilitation in sporting medicine 2009.-N8.60
19. Kazakova S.M., Kazakov E.A.Dynamics of the high-quality state of mainstay-mobile apparatus at teenagers at scoliosis, under act of the complex rehabilitation program 2009.-N8.63
20. Karpukhyna J.V., Tarasova O.O.Influence of the physical loading and relaxation on the capacity of cerebrum 2009.-N8.66
21. Kolosovskaya V.V.The main peculiarities of organization of sports and mass activities training for future primary school teachers in 1st and 2nd accreditation level institutions of higher education 2009.-N8.70
22. Kondratska H.D., Maxymyak C.O., Budynkebych S.N.Technology of preparation of students - the future teachers to teaching bases of health 2009.-N8.74
23. Konoval's'ka L.O.Some aspects forming of methodical competence of the future physical training teachers in the process of learning the professionally competent disciplines 2009.-N8.77
24. rolenko .V.Forming of readiness of students of faculty of physical education and sport to health activity 2009.-N8.80
25. Kotendzhy L.V.Distributing of forces between the countries of world on the modern stage of development of powerlifting 2009.-N8.83
26. Kudrashova T.I., Kolomoiets V.N.The use of computers technologies is for prognostication of sporting results in the shotput 2009.-N8.88
27. Kuzmenko O.N.Relative performance of parameters of physical development of students - basketball players of different qualification 2009.-N8.92
28. Litus R.I.Conducting lessons of physical culture by facilities of power orientation in the classes of types 2009.-N8.95
29. likov N.V., Varvinskiy D.V., Varvinskiy O.P.Influencing of method of vehicle massage on processes renewals and increases of sporting indexes in the system of preparation of heavy athletes 2009.-N8.98
30. Medvid .M., Gorodinsky S.I.Formation of knowledge of pupils of a comprehensive school about preservation of health as important component of universal culture: a condition, aspects, experience 2009.-N8.101
31. Michael M.M., Chornokoza L.V.Factors of use of exercises of sports character in phisical-improving work of modern children's establishment 2009.-N8.104
32. ikhaluk E.L., Sivolap V.V., kalich I.V., Chechel N.M.Medical and biological aspect of taekwondo 2009.-N8.107
33. Mozgovoy A.I.Problems of development of nursery youthful football and route of their solution 2009.-N8.110
34. Mudryk E.Features of method of massage during torsya deformation of spine 2009.-N8.113
35. Omelyanenko G.A.Features of pedagogical interaction in conditions of information training medium in professional training the future experts in branch of physical training and sports 2009.-N8.116
36. Orlov A.A.Planning theoretical and technical training of girls of 8-10 years which are engaged in weightlifting 2009.-N8.118
37. Pavlenko I.O.The forming psychological service of national team of Ukraine 2009.-N8.121
38. Pysanets I.V., Zhosan T.N.Aerobics as a method of improvement of student's youth during physical training 2009.-N8.126
39. Prikhoda I.V., Rybalchenko A.A.The basis of the medical ethic and deontology 2009.-N8.130
40. Samsutina N.M.The modern state of formation of separate kinds of functional professional competences of the future teachers of physical training 2009.-N8.132
41. Serdyaeva N..Efficiency of point massage at medicinal treatment of arterial blood pressure high in combination with ischemic heart trouble at the patients of declining and senile years 2009.-N8.136
42. Skabytsky N.V.The musical optimisation methods of training in power kinds of sports 2009.-N8.140
43. Stasyuk R.N.Aspects which determine the relation of students of Glukhiv of state pedagogical university the name of O. Dovzhenko to employments after physical education 2009.-N8.144
44. Tonkonog V.M., Shushkina O.M.The culture of health of young people is the major task of modern education 2009.-N8.146
45. Tumak J.I.Physical training of children and youth in German physical-sports societies of Bukovina (second half ղ - the beginning XX .) 2009.-N8.149
46. Ustynova T., Prekurat A.Method of development of coordinating capabilities of young volley-ballers on the stage of initial preparation 2009.-N8.153
47. Tsybanjuk A.A., Palagnjuk T.V.Physical training of schoolboys of Bukovina (end ղ - the beginning of XX item) 2009.-N8.156
48. Chepelyuk A.V.Theoretical ground of psychology-pedagogical preparation of teacher of physical culture 2009.-N8.159
49. Chyzhenok T.M., Berest A.G.Estimation of implementation of tests of the athletic-health complex "Step to the health" 2009.-N8.162
50. Shmygov P.V.The basic directions of correctional-improving programs for students of experts on computer technologies 2009.-N8.164
51. Shovkoplyas O.M.Preparation of future educators for prophylactic-correction work in the process of the special course studying 2009.-N8.167
52. Yatsuk S.M.Procedure of learning information science on modular rating system 2009.-N8.170
53. Tymanski R., Smulskij V.Factors of the structure of anaerobic-aerobic productivity of basketball players at the stage of special basic preparation 2009.-N8.175
54. Jagiello W., Banach J.The influence of creatine supplementation on the growth of muscle strength in men practising body-building 2009.-N8.179
55. Wang Xinna.Chinese woman weightlifter snatch excellent biomechanical analysis technology 2009.-N8.182

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.