CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2009, vol.9

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1. Aghyppo A.Y., Butenko K.V., Lukin B.P.riteria of management quality education on physical education in high school 2009.-N9.3
2. Andreeva E. Usage of static-dynamic exercises during the rehabilitation of persons with the diseases of the cordial-vascular system 2009.-N9.7
3. Baka R. Preserving health and healthshaping technologies of preventive maintenance of infringements and education of a bearing at children of younger school age 2009.-N9.11
4. Bilichenko E.A. Distinctive peculiarities of the contents of ideological views 2009.-N9.15
5. Boyko G.N. Studying of national traditions in the course of vocational training of experts in hotel-resort business 2009.-N9.18
6. Ganchar A.I. Health protection of the students of the medical institutes as a social-pedagogical problem 2009.-N9.24
7. Gnatyuk T.N. Forming of skills of the healthy way of life by methods of improving physical training 2009.-N9.29
8. Golubieva M.G.Problems of humanizing of economy sport sphere in the context of globalizations processes 2009.-N9.32
9. Gurinovych H., Trach V., Zihor A., Chornobaj I. Aspects humanization during professional training the expert 2009.-N9.36
10. Doroshenko O.U. Correlation and factorial structure of coordination readiness of young football players of 11-12 and 14-15 years 2009.-N9.41
11. Doroshenko O.Y., Maceyko I.I. Didactic essence verbal instructions, estimated-control actions in process physical and social rehabilitation of child's with infringement of sight 2009.-N9.44
12. Yegupov M.V. Basic legalities of teaching-training process of sportsman 2009.-N9.47
13. Zaporozhanov VA, Boraczynski T. Preparation of children with the limited possibilities to tutoring in a comprehensive school - a step to spirituality and humanism 2009.-N9.52
14. Kirienko N.P., Shpak T.V. General not specialized subject "Armsport" in conditions of profile training within the framework of base general not specialized subject "Physical culture" 2009.-N9.56
15. Kozachuk N.O. Models parameters of competition activity wrestlers 2009.-N9.60
16. Kostyk Y.V. Application of method of pedagogical situations for the development of moral and volitional qualities of students-athletes 2009.-N9.63
17. Kostyukevich V.M. Motivation to health and fitness activity of students 2009.-N9.67
18. Latina G.O. Valuable orientations at pupils of 8-9 forms 2009.-N9.71
19. Luk'yanova Y.S. The modern equipment of physical-rehabilitee departments 2009.-N9.76
20. Maidanuyk E.V. Forming of pedagodgical creativeness of future physical education teachers using didactic games 2009.-N9.79
21. Mameri F. The spiritual and moral world through the prism of paromia linguistic forms 2009.-N9.82
22. Marchenko O.U. Problems of morals and ethics development in teaching and educational process 2009.-N9.85
23. Marchenko O.U. Expert systems for planning, control and management of sports training in top level sport 2009.-N9.88
24. Matskevych N., Kovalchuk N., Ovcharenko T.KVN as the remedy socialization adolescents and developing of their creative activity in conditions of children's improving camp 2009.-N9.92
25. Mitova E., Zabiyaka A. Formation of competence-based approach in the training of future specialists in physical culture and sport 2009.-N9.95
26. Nesterova T, Makarova O. Research of parameters of frequency of cardiac reductions and power inputs at juvenile players borrowing with football and mini-football 2009.-N9.99
27. Nogas A.O. Organizationally-methodical aspects of ecological education of senior pupils during conducting of ecological expeditions of researches, actions and in extracurricular work 2009.-N9.103
28. Odnoletok T. V., Lyannoy M. O. Health of children and physical training problems of pupils 2009.-N9.107
29. Oparin S.S. Analysis competition activity of freestyle wrestlers on Olympic Games in Beijing of 2008 2009.-N9.110
30. Panchyshna O.K., Zhestkov S.G. The problem of selection and prognostication of sporting results in a freestyle wrestling 2009.-N9.115
31. Saenko V. G., Palatov M. ., Li J. Student independent work as effective part of education in credit - module system 2009.-N9.118
32. Serdyuk I. V. Influence of health aerobics on development of motive qualities of girls 18-20 years 2009.-N9.121
33. Sutnik E.A.Influence of employments a cossack martial art on the physical health of teenagers 13-14 years 2009.-N9.124
34. Skiba O. O. Correction of the contents of Adeps in an organism of women of the first age of maturity during exercises improving fitball - training 2009.-N9.127
35. Skyriene V., Zuoziene I.J. Efficiency analysis of traditional long-term training system in team games at the first stage 2009.-N9.130
36. Stasyuk R.N. The consistent analysis of modern educational and information processes 2009.-N9.135
37. Statyev S.I., Baryshok T.V. Checking and correcting the physical condition student special medical group in scholastic process of the medical university 2009.-N9.138
38. Sukhobok O.Y. Physical rehabilitation and surgical correction of genitals prolapse, urogenital disorders and sexual dysfunction at women entered the period of perimenopause and menopause 2009.-N9.141
39. Sushko R.A. Optimization of the special physical preparation of gymnasts 10-11 years old in the gymnastics 2009.-N9.144
40. Tarasenko D.O., Podolyaka O.B. Organization of tutoring and advanced training of trainers on football in Italy 2009.-N9.148
41. Tretyak E.V.The contents of the thesaurus of a subject domain "Physical training" 2009.-N9.151
42. Shahnenko V.I. Acmeological factors of sports advance 2009.-N9.154
43. Schepelev A. Physical rehabilitation of patients with inguinal and femoral hernias 2009.-N9.158
44. Shefer E., Baryshok T. V. Determination of organizational pedagogical conditionality of aims of forming moral qualities of a student in the process of interactive professionally oriented physical education 2009.-N9.161
45. Bartusiak I., Nowak A., Romanowska-Tolloczko A.Influence of trainings on shaping on development of spiritual qualities 2009.-N9.164
46. Boloban W., Wisniowski W., Gruszkiewicz R., Wisniowski P., Pirog B. Features of preparation of the future experts in physical rehabilitation for work in the modern improving centres 2009.-N9.170
47. Nowak A., Bartusiak I., Romanowska-Tolloczko A. Technique of preservation the health of elementary school girls in out-of-class work on physical culture 2009.-N9.188
48. Nowak A., Romanowska-Tolloczko A., Bartusiak I. Physical preparedness of junior pupils 2009.-N9.192
49. Romanowska-Tolloczko A., Bartusiak I., Nowak A. The parameters of a level of development of force and force-high-speed qualities of the young sportsmen specializing in youshinkai karate 2009.-N9.196
50. Szwarc A., Dolanski B. Features of preparation of future trainer-teacher to professional activity in higher educational establishments 2009.-N9.200

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