CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2008, vol.3

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Alexandrov J.V.Increase of Efficiency of Process of Training Young Sambists due to Application of Exercises of a High-Speed and Power Orientation 2008.-N3.3
2. Afanasyev V.V.Sources of Stress for Students that Visiting Tabletennis Section on "Physical Education" 2008.-N3.6
3. Baka R., Shpakov F.Relative Assessment of Physical Readiness as the Factor of Motivation of Students to Physical Activity 2008.-N3.8
4. Balamutova N.M., Kozhukh N.F., Sheyko L.V., Olejnikov I.P.Research of the Connection of Physical Development Indexes and Physical Preparedness of Female Students With Initial Level Swimming Ability 2008.-N3.12
5. Bezkorovainiy D.O.Development of Force Gastrocnemius Muscles and Extensors of a Trunk at Schoolboys of 8-17 Years who are Engaged Armsport 2008.-N3.15
6. Bitko S.N., Markov V.D., Zenina I.V.Informative Parameters Fractality Cardiac Rhythm at Highly Skilled Sportsmen 2008.-N3.19
7. Bobrovnik V.I., Kozlova O.K.The Main Means of Formation Elite Athletes Technical Skills (on the Basis of Track-and-Field Jumps) 2008.-N3.21
8. Boyko G.Psychological Features of Sporting Activity of Swimmers in Paralympic Sport 2008.-N3.25
9. Boychuk T.V., Golubieva M.G., Levandovsky O.S.Value and Features of a Quality Monitoring of Knowledge in Preparation of Physical Rehabilitation Specialists 2008.-N3.29
10. Borodin U.A., Poddubney A.G., Semenov A.I.Scientifically-Methodical Approaches to the Process of Forming the Maintenance Teaching in the Conditions of Pedagogical Experiment, Directed on a Study of the Credit-Module System of Organization of Educational Process in Institutes of Higher of the III-IV Levels of Accreditation 2008.-N3.32
11. Bochkova N.L.Morphofunctional State, Physical Work Capacity and Adaptation's Expecially to Physical Loads in Persons with Arterial Hypertension 2008.-N3.35
12. Bukov Y.A., Zhmurova T.A.Reflex and Muscular Massage in Functional Integration of Proprioception and Cerebral Blood Circulation of Children in Neurosis-Like State 2008.-N3.37
13. Bukova L.M., Krovyakov V.F., Malinovskaya M.O.Heightening of Efficacyy of Prompt Breakthrough as Aspect of the Velocity Offence Used in Basketball by Sportsmen of High Qualification 2008.-N3.40
14. Vakulenko T.S. "System-Definability" as a Pedagogical Category 2008.-N3.43
15. Vahrusheva T.Yu.Theoretical Aspects of Active Methods of Learning 2008.-N3.46
16. Gavrishko S.G.Comparative Characteristics of the Physiological Level of the Development and Anatomy-Physiological Peculiarities of 4 - 6 Years - Old Children 2008.-N3.49
17. Gol' R.M.Professional Work of Scientific Pedagogical Workers of Faculty of Physical Preparation and Sports of the Higher Military Educational Institutions According to the Modern Demands 2008.-N3.52
18. Gritskova Y.V.Involving of Parents to Educational Work With Children as the Important Direction of Work of School with Parents 2008.-N3.55
19. Gruzhevsky V. A.The Comparative Analysis of the Dynamics of Preferences Training Particular Sports by the Students of High School 2008.-N3.58
20. Dan'ko G.V.The Set Aside Training Effect and its Use in Construction of Training Process 2008.-N3.61
21. Dykyj B., Vovkanych A.Investigation of Cool Water Procedures Influence Upon the Dynamics of Aerobic Productivity and Physical Working Capacity in People with High Blood Pressure 2008.-N3.65
22. Zelenskaya L.D.World Experience of Becoming University Autonomy and Self-Management 2008.-N3.69
23. Zelenskiy R.M.Educational Possibilities of Physical Training And Sports in a System of Preparation of the Future Experts to Labour Activity 2008.-N3.71
24. Kaidalova L.G.Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Personally Oriented Learning 2008.-N3.74
25. Kibalnik O.Y.Fitness-Technology as Means of Rising Movement Activety and Physical Preparation Teem - Ages 2008.-N3.78
26. Kozina Zh.L.The Substantive Provisions of Author Course of Preparation of Pregnant to Natural Healthy Births "Opening Of Flower" 2008.-N3.81
27. Kotova A.V.Definition of Nature and the Contents of Independent Work of Students in Higher Educational Institutions 2008.-N3.92
28. Kotsur Nadezhda, Mischenko Oksana.Deficiency of Iodum: the Modern State of a Problem and a Provision of Overcoming 2008.-N3.95
29. Koshtur Y.E.The Characteristic of Psycho-Physical Development of Mentally Retarded Teenagers 2008.-N3.99
30. Kulyk I.G.Features of Physical Preparedness of Freshmen of Youths of the First Course. 2008.-N3.101
31. Melnick S. A.Key Competencies: Definition and Content 2008.-N3.104
32. Oleshko V.G., Lutovinov Y.A., ahenko K.V.Analysis of Physical Development and Physical Preparedness of Female Weightlifters 2008.-N3.106
33. Panasyuk O.P.Technology of Research of Development of Intellectual Views and Knowledge at Students of Physical Training 2008.-N3.108
34. Poproshaev A.V.The Analyse of Dynamic the Growth of the Indexes Which Characterize Special Endurance and Playing Working of the Water-Polo Players in 13-15 Ages 2008.-N3.111
35. Prikhoda I.V.The Therapy of Lercamen on Treatment in Patients with Dyscirculatory Encephalopathy 2008.-N3.113
36. Prudnikova M.S.Research of Physical Development of Junior Bicyclists 12-15 Years in the Period of Becoming of Reproduction Function 2008.-N3.117
37. Romanenko V.A., Choryakov V.A., Mosenz V.A., Prihodko E.A., Ivaschenko N.V., Sokolova V.J.The Correction of Young Sportsmen's Negativity Emotional Station by the Sport Training 2008.-N3.120
38. Sitnicova N.S.Drawing on Complex of Restorations Measures for the Increase of Functional Preparedness of Boys 10 -12 Years Engaged in Track-And-Field 2008.-N3.122
39. Syshko D.V.Influence Vestibular Load on Special Preparedness into Account the Type of Vestibulovegetativ Reaction of Athlete's Taekvondo 2008.-N3.125
40. ҳmoshenko O.V.The Forming of Psycho-Physiological Readiness of Future Teachers of Physical Culture for Professional Activity on the Basis Of Credit-Module Technology of Education 2008.-N3.129
41. Futorny S.M.Immune Components of Violations of The Functional State of Organism at the High Sporting Loadings 2008.-N3.134
42. Tserkovnaya E.V.Optimization of Psychologic Functional Readiness of Students of Higher Educational Establishments Technical the Structure Means of Basketball 2008.-N3.137
43. Shevchuk O.M.Modern Tendency of the Organization of Elite Fencers' Technique-Tactical Training 2008.-N3.139
44. Shulga M.P., Lizneva V.I.Procedure of Training of Injured Runners 2008.-N3.143
45. Ejder E., Kotarska K., Drochomirecka A., Pryiimakov O.The Effect of Biological and Social Factors on the Level of Physical and Psychomotor Development of Pre-School Children in a Big City and a Small City 2008.-N3.146
46. Migala M.History of the Health Care Climate in Glucholazy 2008.-N3.150
47. Radzijewska M., Radzijewski P.Intermittent Hypoxic Training Improves Outcomes of the Adolescent Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding Rehabilitation 2008.-N3.153
48. Wnorowski K., Protasewicz J.The Time Structure of Men's Volleyball Matches on the Basis of the Analysis of the World League 2007 Final Tournament 2008.-N3.156
49. Zdzieszynski Andrzej, Skowron Jaroslaw, Boloban Wiktor.Devices of Pedagogical Technology of Shaping of Motorial Representations During Learning to Base Gym Exercises 2008.-N3.160

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