CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2008, vol.6

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1. Baginskaya O.V.Meaning of Separate Individual Features of Children of the Senior Preschool Age During Training Motive Actions Learning 2008.-N6.3
2. Baka R., Shpakov A.Features of Physical Readiness of Students in High Schools of Bialystok and Grodno 2008.-N6.5
3. Velichko V.N.The Activity of Forms of Self-Consciousness for Forming Outlook Moral Qualities in Studying Young People 2008.-N6.9
4. Gontar .P.The Modern Going Near Forming Physical Culture of Personality of Student of Technical Higher Educational Establishment 2008.-N6.13
5. Gorbachova A.V.Professional Crop of The Teacher as a Personal and Social Phenomenon 2008.-N6.16
6. Docenko U., Gavaga V.Estimation of Bodily Condition of Students First and Second Courses of Daily Separation of Donbass State Technical University 2008.-N6.19
7. Zhukova O. S.Forming Cognitive Activity of Students Using New Information Technologies in the Educational Process 2008.-N6.22
8. Ivanchenko L.P.The Structure of Educational Technology of Forming Motivation to the Systematic Classes of Physical Culture in Schoolchildren 2008.-N6.25
9. Kalinin A.M.The Specific Principles' Application in the Professional Adaptation of the Teachers of Economic Profile in the Aviation Higher Educational Institution 2008.-N6.29
10. Kim T.K.Physical Education: Organizational-Pedagogical Conditions of Effective Interaction of School and Family 2008.-N6.33
11. Kirichenko A.V.The Professional-Functional Characteristic of Readiness of the Teachers to rogressive of Activity in Sphere ompetence of Focused Education 2008.-N6.36
12. Liventsova V.A.Perfection of Independent Work of Students as Condition of Efficiency of the Module-Credit Departmental Teaching 2008.-N6.39
13. Lysenko L.L.The Use of Lessons with Beforehand Known Action in Aim of Development 10-11-Aged Female Pupils Coordination Abilities 2008.-N6.42
14. Maksimova I.B.Actuality of Conducting of Testing by Complex Estimation of Physical Preparedness of Studying General Schools 2008.-N6.45
15. Maly A.T., Kirilash A.R., Glukhova T.I., Zubshenko L.V.Some Questions of Professional Orientation of Young People 2008.-N6.47
16. Matskhonashvili N.On Efficiency of Applying Playing Tasks During the Practical Lessons of Foreign Languages in Common System of Professional Training of Bachelors (According to Experience of Working with Students, Studying the Russian Language in Academy of Physical Education and Sports of Georgia) 2008.-N6.51
17. Merkulova Z.Y.The Investigation of Effective Ways of Forming Culture Motion 2008.-N6.54
18. Nebesnaya V.V., Gridina N.A.Investigation of Budjet of Working Time of Students in Higher Educational Establishments 2008.-N6.57
19. Pristinskiy V.N., Kurisko N.A., Pristinska T.N., Grygorenko O.I.Intercommunication of Cognitive Activity and Development of Motivation to Employments by a Physical Culture in the Educational Process of General Schools 2008.-N6.59
20. Prokofiev V.N.Elements of Acting in Foreign Language Teaching 2008.-N6.63
21. Svetlova O.D.Secondary School Age Children's Physical Preparedness with Different Health Status 2008.-N6.66
22. Tomashevskij N.I., Grinchishin L.A., Kirillov A.N., Zavrazhnaya I.M., ucherenko N.M.Motivations of the Students in Educational Process 2008.-N6.71
23. Kholodny A. I.Social Terms of Forming Positive Understanding the Healthy Way of Life at the Students of General Schools 2008.-N6.75
24. Bajtalo G.M.Role of Physical Education in Professional Preparation of Students of Educational Establishments of Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Ukraine 2008.-N6.78
25. Besputchik V., Beilin V.Educational Discipline "Gymnastics" in Preparation of Specialists of Physical Culture 2008.-N6.80
26. Bogdanova A.S.Professionalism of a Teacher of Physical Training is a Pledge of Healthy Child 2008.-N6.82
27. Vitsko A.N, Belokhvostov A.N., Dmitrichenko V.S., Popov V.I., Rubek I.V., Sinenko D.S.Study of Motorial Qualities and Functional Parameters of Students under Agency of Physical Exercises 2008.-N6.85
28. Holenko A.S., Kuzmnel.I.Development of Quickness and Coordinating Abilities of Schoolboys Using Psychomotor Exercises 2008.-N6.87
29. Dubrevskiy Y.M.The Administrative Competence as Constituent of Professional Preparation of Future Specialists of Physical Education and Sport 2008.-N6.91
30. Ermolenko O. V., Rydenko A. D.The Improvement of Process of Professional Training of Teacher of Physical Culture Bases on the Using of Pedagogical Conditions Whish Direct on the Development of Communicational Culture 2008.-N6.93
31. Zakolodnaya Y.Y.Competence Values of Physical University Students 2008.-N6.96
32. Ivanenko T.V.Potentialities of Eurhythmics in Development of Personality 2008.-N6.99
33. Ivlev .M.Design of Situations in Preparation of Inspectors of Road-Patrol Service to Application Power Influence 2008.-N6.104
34. Kakhidze G., Kharitonashvili K., Budzishvili N.Vospitatel'noe Value of the Georgian Folk-National Mobile Games and Physical Exercises 2008.-N6.107
35. Kviloriya E.I.Becoming of Physical Culture as a Major Component in Experimental Development of Personality 2008.-N6.110
36. Kozina Zh.L., Vicko A.N, Vorob'eva V.A., Yarenchuk I.V.Basket-Ball as Factor of Harmonious Combination of Mental and Physical Development of Students 2008.-N6.113
37. Krutalevich M.M., Vasyuk V.E., Koleda V.A., Ponomarchuk V.A.Some Aspects of the Personnel Training of Higher Qualification on Speciality "Physical Culture" 2008.-N6.117
38. Kryazh V.N.The Basic Concepts of a Metaprinciple Humanization of Physical Education 2008.-N6.120
39. Latypov I.K.About A Problem of Training of the Physical Culture and Pedagogical Staff in Modern Conditions 2008.-N6.127
40. Nesin A.N., Petrov S.V., Venjega R.A., Sasik A.S.Perfection of Co-Ordination Capabilities as a Tool of Forming of The Applied Skills and Abilities at Preparation Students of Educational Establishments of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine to Professional Activity 2008.-N6.130
41. Nikitina A.A.The Basic Model of the Teacher's Activity in Formation of the Sport's Thesaurus of the Students 2008.-N6.133
42. Pangelova N.E.Features of Professional Preparation of Future Specialists of Industry of Physical Education in the Process of Pedagogical Practice in Preschool Educational Establishments 2008.-N6.137
43. Romanenko V.A., Horyakov V.A., Mosenz V.A., Romanenko L.P.The Efficient Management of Dynamic Readiness to the Professional Activity by the Velocity Training 2008.-N6.140
44. Roters T.T., Kotova E.V.Preparation of Future Teachers of Physical Culture to the Type Teaching at Senior School 2008.-N6.142
45. Ryassa S.A.Essence Image of the Future Professional Activity of Comprehension of the Physical Culture Institute Students 2008.-N6.144
46. Sakharova M.Pedagodical Designing in Formation Professional Competence of Specialist in Physical Culture and Sports 2008.-N6.147
47. Sokolov V.A., Krutalevich M.M., Vasyuk V.E.About Social and Educational Essence of Physical Culture 2008.-N6.150
48. Tretyak A.N.Sources and Becomings of Professional Preparation of Teachers of Physical Education are in Ukraine 2008.-N6.153
49. Tunik E.Pedagogical Skills of Physical Training Teacher 2008.-N6.156
50. Yarenchuk I. V., Beloxvostov A. N., Beloxvostova T. A., Vitsco A. N., Sinenko D. S.Criterions Appreciation Speed Readiness 2008.-N6.159
51. Alyoshin E.V., Khavalits V.I.State Investments in Sport 2008.-N6.162
52. Aptsiauri L., Kharitonashvili K.Modern Sport as a Socialization Model 2008.-N6.164
53. Baranayev Y.A.The Methodology of Prediction Is Motional Faculties of Track Athletes 2008.-N6.167
54. Bulkina N. P.To the Question About Physical Education of Students of Special Health Group 2008.-N6.171
55. Vertel .V.Factor Structure of Anthropometric Researches of Young Volley-Ballers 10-14 Years 2008.-N6.174
56. Zhdanov Yu.New Methods of Making Boxers-Veterans Healthy as a Way of Realization the Problems of Spirituality and Humanism in Modern World 2008.-N6.177
57. Ivanov A.V., Ivanchenko Y.N.The Strategy of Development of Sport and Physical Culture 2008.-N6.180
58. Ivanchenko S.G.Socially Educational Conditions of Sportive and Physical Cultural Sanitation Work with Schoolchildren at Leisure Time 2008.-N6.185
59. Kasyanova E.V.Health Influence of Water Types of Activity on the Heart-Vessel System 2008.-N6.190
60. Lazarchuk O.Technical Skills Level of Young First Year Tennis Players 2008.-N6.193
61. Logvin V.P.From Experience of Organization of Retraining of Specialists on a Physical Culture and Sport in the Republic Byelorussia 2008.-N6.196
62. Ovcharenko L.I., Bgan S.I., Ovcharenko A.V.Motivation Influence on the Sportsman's Life 2008.-N6.199
63. Perepelica P.E. Boyko A.G.The Use in Trainings Employments of Footballers, Methods of Stage-By-Stage Compression of Scopes of Playing Space 2008.-N6.201
64. Petrov S.Psychological Mood of Sportsmen Before the Main Competition 2008.-N6.204
65. Prudyvus K., Aleshin E. Problems of Sporting Management in Ukraine 2008.-N6.208
66. Putintsev N.Yu., Kirshina E.D.Means of Increase Common and Special Persistence of the Students Occupied with Free-Style Wrestling 2008.-N6.210
67. Seredenko L.P., Dobrovolskaya N.A., Natchataya Y.S., Vlasov G.V., Kalinovskaya T.N.The Methods of Express Diagnostics of Adaptation Potentialities of Sportsmens in the Process of Instructional and Training Activities 2008.-N6.213
68. Serorez T.B.Method of Determination Size Internal Volume of Running Loadings Men of the First Mature Age 2008.-N6.217
69. Feroyan E., Kharitonashvili K.Efficiency of Hyperbaric Oxigenation in Sports Activity 2008.-N6.221
70. Furmanov A.G.Health Oriented Physical Culture Specialist's Qualification Testimonial 2008.-N6.223
71. Bismak L.V.Features of Studying Discipline "Basis of Physical Rehabilitation" in the Conditions of Credit-Modular System 2008.-N6.227
72. Varavina E.N., Mareeva T.E., Balanova S.G., Bondarenko V.F.Spine Injures Recovery Rehabilitation Program 2008.-N6.229
73. Grigorenko V. G., Shtereb V. A.Theoretical and Organizational-Pedagogical Bases of Sport Training of Invalids with Affected Functions of Spinal in the System of Physical and Social Rehabilitation 2008.-N6.232
74. Gyul'mamedov F.I., Tomashevskiy N.I., Yarosh A.N.Prospects of Modern Physical Rehabilitation of Patients with Nonspecific Ulcerous Colitis 2008.-N6.239
75. Zemlaykov V.., Odintsov N.V.Formation of Culture of Health Students of the Higher Technical Educational Institutions Physical Training Methods 2008.-N6.242
76. Kaloerova V.G., Seredenko L.P., Zenin O.K., Dobrovolska N.A., Taranova N.A.Differentiated Method of Medical Physical Training for the Rehabilitation of Students with Psychoneurological Disorders 2008.-N6.244
77. Kryvenko S.N., Taranov V.A., Taranova N.A., Borisyk M.V.Rehabilitation Treatment of Patients with Plural Breaks of Bones of Extremities 2008.-N6.248
78. Meleshkov V.A.Appointment of Medical Physical Culture after Gastrectomy Sick of the Stomach Ulcer of a Stomach and the Duodenal Gut, Being on the Postoperative Period of Rehabilitation 2008.-N6.250
79. Mitjukov V.A., Tomashevsky M.I., Jasynsky I.I., Smotrov W.A., Kirillov O.M., Grishina L.N., Jarosh A.N., Vaskyn K.Y.Modern Sights at a Problem of Quality of Life of Growing Old Men 2008.-N6.254
80. Ogorodnikov .., Amelko E.G.Female Student's Attitude to the Health - Keeping Activity 2008.-N6.259
81. Partas I.G., Tereshenko I.V., Gubenko I.V.Feed - Fundamental Factor of Saving Health Studying Young People 2008.-N6.262
82. Pushkariova N.S.Empathy as an Important Constituent of Professional Self-Determination of Specialists in Physical Rehabilitation 2008.-N6.264
83. Tereshenko I.V.Forms of the Vegetative Adjusting at Patients with Chronic Obstructive Bronchitis 2008.-N6.266
84. Kharitonashvili K., Feroyan E.Application of Special Gymnastic Exercises in Treatment of Radiculitis 2008.-N6.268
85. Shimanovich N.I.Designing of Physical Loadings at Persons Having Infringements of the Locomotorium 2008.-N6.270
86. Schelkunov A.A., Kholodny A.I.The Significance of the Factors Describing the Able-Bodied Mode of Life 2008.-N6.274

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.