CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2008, vol.12

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1. Arkhangorodsky Z., Vostroknutov L., Yeryomenko V.The Institute's for Specialists in Industry of Physical Culture and Sport Training for Power Structures of Ukraine on the Base of the Kharkov State Academy of Physical Culture Creation 2008.-N12.3
2. Babiy V.G., Malikov N.V.Features of Dynamics of Integral Parameters Cardiovascular System of Children of Middle School Ages in the Process of Systematic Employments by Large Tennis 2008.-N12.5
3. Bezemchuk L.V.Practical Realization of the Didactic Creative Module in Learning 2008.-N12.8
4. Bogdanovskaya N.V., Malikov N.V., Svyatoduh A.N., Kuznectov A.A., Popov S.N.Dynamics of Structural and Functional Descriptions of Heart of Girls-Volley-Ballers Higher Qualification in the Process of Training and Competition Activity 2008.-N12.12
5. Verbludov I.B.Use Analogue Sight Scale for Estimate and Decrease Students Anxiety During Passing Exams 2008.-N12.16
6. Vykhliaiev J.M., Khimich I.J.Increase of Endurance and Anaerobic Abilities at Physical Training Lessons with Health-Improving Effect 2008.-N12.19
7. Volovik N.I.The Formation of the Spatial Orientation Skills of Four and Five-Year-Old Children with Functional Visual Impairment 2008.-N12.21
8. Gorlov A.S.Justification of Dynamics of Work Capacity of Young Men - Sprinters of 14-15 and 16-17 Years in the Preparatory Terms of the Year Cycle of Aging 2008.-N12.25
9. Grigus I.M.Improvement the Quality of Life for Patients with Light Persisting Bronchial Asthma Through Physical Rehabilitation 2008.-N12.29
10. Grytsay S.M.The Theoretical Substantiation of Model of Maintenance of Formation Political Crop of the Future Teacher 2008.-N12.35
11. Kaidalova L.G., Schokina N.B.Experience of Preparation of Masters on a Trade "Pedagogics of the Higher School" 2008.-N12.39
12. Kalina K.lassification of Methods of Students' Moral Education 2008.-N12.41
13. Kashuba V.A., Ziyad Hamidi Ahmad Nasrallah, Habinets T.A.Experience of Use of Computer Multimedia of Technologies in the Practice of Adaptive Physical Training 2008.-N12.43
14. Kozina Zh.L., Kazmirchuk A.P., Chuprina A.I., Popova .V.Psychophysiological Parameters in Command and Individual Frame of Readiness of Volleyball Players of the Tall Class-Room 2008.-N12.50
15. Kozlova O.K.Competitions Under the Condition of Professionalization of Track-and-Field Athletics 2008.-N12.53
16. oltsova O.S.Requirements for the Moral Standing of Teachers in Assessing the Well-Known Educators 2008.-N12.62
17. Kondyuk V.S., Kondyuk R.V., Okipnyak D.A.Method of Aim-Oriented Motivation of Activity of Soldier Leaders of Military Powers of Ukraine 2008.-N12.64
18. Korobeynikov G. V., Petrov G.S., Yakovenko U.P., Braiko N.I.Mental Capability of Students in Different Specialties 2008.-N12.67
19. Kravchuk T.M., Sanzharova N.M., Golenkova Y.V.Musical - Rhythmical Preparation of the Future Teachers of Physical Training: Experience and the Modernity 2008.-N12.74
20. Kramarenko I.S.Correction - as a Psycholo-Pedagogical Category of Educational Process 2008.-N12.77
21. Levchenko V.A., Sarabai D.V., Makota V.M., Bondarenko V.M.Condition of Hemodynamics at Hypotonic Type of a Neurocirculatory Dystonia 2008.-N12.79
22. Lobach O.V., Afanasyev V.V., Scherbachenko V.K.Physical Training During Education in Technical Lyceum 2008.-N12.83
23. Lyopa D., araulova S.., Klochko L..Increasing of Sport Master Ship of Steeple-Chase Runners by Developing of their Physical Characteristics 2008.-N12.84
24. Ljakh-Porod'ko O.The State of "Sokol's" Societies and Their Influence on the Development of the Physical Culture and Sport in the Ussr in 20-30th of the 20th Century 2008.-N12.90
25. Malanyuk L.An Attitude of 18-25 Years Old Men Toward Participation in Physical Activity 2008.-N12.97
26. Nikitenko .A., Nikitenko S.A., Nikitenko .O.Interdependence Between the Quantitative Indexes of Universal Preparation and Special Actions of Boxers on the Stage of Initial Preparation 2008.-N12.100
27. Oleshko V.G., Putsov S.O.Fundamentals of Construction of Training Process Femaleathletes in Weightlifting Different Bunches of Weight Classes 2008.-N12.103
28. Prikhoda I.V., Nechaeva O.V., Tereshenko M.M.The Clear Correlation Between the Peculiarities of the Gastric Juices Aggression and the Type of the Personality Type has Been Revealed in Patients with the Duodenal Ulcer 2008.-N12.110
29. Semenova .V.Efficacy of Vocational Training of The Future Specialists Consists in Security of Close Interrelation of Professional Teaching with Practice 2008.-N12.112
30. Sydorchenko K.M.The Influence of the Various Variants of the Lessons' of Physical Training Content with the Health-Improving Orientation on the Physical Condition of the Six-Form Pupils with the Existing Somatotypes 2008.-N12.116
31. Slyusarchyuk V.V.The State of Development Policies for the Optimal Contents of Health Improvement-Slanted Classes for 7-10-Year-Olds in the Course of Physical Education 2008.-N12.123
32. Kharabouga S.G., Demkiv A.S., Yena M.O., Schukin V.E.Dynamics of Future Officers' Strength Showings During their Study at the Institute 2008.-N12.126
33. Kharkivs'ka A.Comparable Analyses of Education Standards in Some European Countries 2008.-N12.129
34. Khodykina Yu.The Role of the Motory Memory in Productive Species of Activate 2008.-N12.134
35. Shaverskyi V.K.Innovation Methods of Controlling the Level of Technical Mastership of Future Physical Education Teachers 2008.-N12.138
36. Jagiello W., Ziokowska A.Balance Ability in Men's Polish National Team in Sports Shooting 2008.-N12.141
37. Yacenko L.V., Sembrat A.L.Problem Of Effect Gender Stereotypes on Education of Youth in Teaching and Educational Process of a Comprehensive School 2008.-N12.145
38. Mleczko E., Sudol G., Waclaw M., Jaszczanin J.The Polish Way to Sport Walking Mastery 2008.-N12.148
39. Pop T., Kultys Y., Tucha T., Tubor T.The Factors Having an Influence on Frequency of Occurrence Osteo-Muscular System Injuries in Football Players 2008.-N12.152
40. Stanek L., Ambrozy T.Selected Forms of Sports and Recreation in the Process or Young People's Rehabilitation 2008.-N12.155

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